Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recession Proof Drivers seeds

A pdf of the seeds is available here.
The 2008 seeds (which will be used for the single elimination heat and bracket competitions) are straightforward; ties were broken by which team signed up first.

The overall seeds were calculated by taking past performances in Yahoo's fantasy NASCAR (overall percent).The ratings are a sum of 2008 (100 percent), 2007 (multiplied by 90 percent), 2006 (multiplied by 80 percent), 2005 (multiplied by 70 percent), 2004 (multiplied by 60 percent), 2003 (multiplied by 50 percent), 2002 (multiplied by 40 percent) and 2001 (multiplied by 30 percent).

The top seeds:
Single elimination: Cooter88. NOTE: 13 teams finished in the 90th percentile in 2008.
Other competitions: Cooter88. NOTE: The top two seeds have played each year since 2001.

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