Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dale Jr. - Friend or foe?

I was and am indifferent toward Dale Jr., but I have to say the stunt at Daytona was pretty stupid. And it's been a while since he did something this dumb.

So ... has your perception of Junior changed after the mayhem he caused on Sunday? Or is he still a can-do-no-wrong stud? Or just still a wanna be thug?

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Cooter88 said...

Listen up! For all that have watched racing for many years I have professed an extreme dislike for "mirror driving" or "blocking". Jimmy Johnson was the professional at using this technique at both Daytona and Talladega races. It was up to the "following" driver to lift or brake to avoid the accident. It was BS then and it's BS now. If the car is faster, he's got the right of way; it's not your go ahead for the block.

As much as I dislike Kyle Busch he was blocking early in the race but at least he wasn't making the last second maneuvers he did last season, Kudos for learning something Fievel!

All of that crap coming out of Brian Vickers mouth should be stuffed back in his head where it belongs. He must have a short memory and doesn't remember October 2006 when he spun out Jimmy Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr "in front of the field" and caused a major calamity in Dega. Obviously he thinks he didn't have anything to do with either wreck.

I do think Jr played a significant role in the accident as he did not break his momentum, but then that's not's called coasting and if you have a large lead you can do that. (read Carl can do it)

On a final note, this rule about NOT racing below the yellow line is CRAP! If it's paved; let's race! Special rules make for handicapped drivers!