Monday, February 14, 2011

50 teams, 50 seeds

We have 50 teams, so we're ready to run.

The first order of business was to seed the RMFN players by past performance. We do that with a rating system, putting the most emphasis on last season and working our way back to 2001 - that is a 90th percentile finish in 2010 is worth more rating points than a 90th percentile finish in any prior year.

The seeds determine matchups for all of the side competitions that will be broken down and displayed on this blog. The higher the seed, the (likely) more favorable matchup.

We have two rookies this year - teams that haven't played Yahoo fantasy NASCAR under their current login. That doesn't mean they haven't played under a different email address or login, so beware of them as much as anyone.

More posts coming soon to discuss the different side games.

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