Sunday, October 26, 2008

Three to go, two let go

Gory details here.
photo finish and nstag8rs were cut the from the league for nonparticipation; the same fate looms on the horizon for CHK and Chevy's Redneck without quick attention.
Van's Bums outscored testcar 244-216 last week at Atlanta to defeat testcar 754-732 in the championship. Van's takes the title and goes undefeated in the competition. testcar, coming from the losers' bracket, needed to defeat Van's here to force a winner-take-all final over the last three races. Van's also defeated testcar, 820-721, in Round Seven.

FORDFUCUS had our only 300-plus-point score from Texas. Our average score of 191 was the second lowest of the season, only behind Talladega a month ago.
Cooter and Team Lester are within 78 points of Van's Bums for the overall lead, and KLA Sadler has pulled within 135 points of Van's.

Van's Bums continues to hold a comfortable lead. BLOWINSMOKE, Cooter and No right turns are trying to make it interesting, but their prospects are worse here than in the Yahoo competition.
Rolling Thunder leads Van's by 96 points in the championship, and Rev-A-Lusions holds a 60-point lead over TURBO in the third-place finale.
After the first race in the final round, Barrie Lang leads Cooter by 4 points in the championship, and RacingAngel leads Team Lester by 58 in the third-place matchup.
After Atlanta, teams need 59 wins to stay alive for the title, leaving the top 10 teams in contention. Everyone else has been mathematically eliminated and is playing for second or worse.
Team Lester's lead is still four games, but TURBO and No right turns now share the No. 2 spot. Rolling Thunder is less than one game back, and after that the top 10 spreads out.
I found an easy equation to calculate Lester's magic number (often used in baseball to determine wins needed to secure the title): No. of games in a season +1, minus wins by leading team, minus losses by second-place team. So ... 99 (98 games plus 1)-69 (Leter's win total)-24 (No right turns' loss total)= 6. Lester needs six wins to clinch the title.
There are six matchups featuring two top-10 teams that will have big implications on who's eliminated and what the cutoff will be after Texas: Team Lester-TURBO, TURBO-Rolling Thunder, No right turns-KLA Sadler, Cooter-need4speed, yduck-Cooter, and 3WIDE-need4speed.
Team Lester has two other matchups this week, against RoadRage and gonzo.

An added bonus - two top-10 teams have matchups against the Yahoo leader (and the leader for most of our other competitions), Van's Bums: need4speed and yduck.
It looks like CHK and Chevy's updated their teams and avoided eviction, so we (hopefully) have our final field set for the rest of the season.

1. Team Lester 69-22-0
No right turns 65-24-0
TURBO 64-23-3
Rolling Thunder 64-24-1
yduck 62-24-1
KLA Sadler 61-26-2
3WIDE 60-27-0
Cooter 59-26-3
need4speed 59-29-0
11. Rubbins Racin 58-26-3
Rev-A-Lusions 58-28-3
speedracer 58-20-3
reckhard 58-31-1
Team Parski 58-30-0
Barrie Lang 55-31-2
Vans Bums 55-31-1
FC Newman 54-32-2
Sarges Squad 54-34-1
AFTER BURNER, RacingAngel 53-33-2
testcar 53-35-1
Black Bear 53-34-0
RAZN 53-37-0
Team Wyoming 52-36-2
AERO PUSH 52-36-0
CHK 51-37-0
hardbody 50-37-2
Dirt Runners 50-39-0
RoadRage 50-40-0
KitchenPass 49-38-1
gonzo 49-41-0
Smokin Aces 48-39-1
RugRatRacers 48-39-2
Gordon #1 48-41-1
Crash & Burn 47-40-1
Chevys Redneck 44-39-5
Longs Gap 43-44-3
Junior, Yabos, Canyon County, nstag8rs, DWI, asian assassins, photo finish, Hendrick Express, gordon hater, Beer Belly, Kntcky 0-78-20
Texas schedule (matchups involving top 10 teams in bold)
Beer Belly tied Kntcky
Barrie Lang v. Chevys Redneck
No. 8 3WIDE v. Smokin Aces
Black Bear v. AFTER BURNER
Vans Bums v. No. 10 need4speed
No. 5 yduck v. AERO PUSH
No. 9 Cooter v. RacingAngel
RAZN v. nstag8rs
RugRatRacers v. Gordon #1
RoadRage v. No. 1 Team Lester
testcar v. FORDFUCUS
No. 3 TURBO v. speedracer
Team Wyoming def Canyon County
Rolling Thunder def asian assassins
hardbody def gordon hater
reckhard def Yabos
KLA Sadler def Junior
Longs Gap v. Team Parski
No right turns def Hendrick Express
gonzo v. FC Newman
Rev-A-Lusions v. KitchenPass
BLOWINSMOKE def photo finish
Dirt Runners def DWI
Sarges Squad def Kntcky
CHK v. Chevys Redneck
Crash & Burn def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. Smokin Aces
Rubbins Racin v. AFTER BURNER
No. 8 3WIDE v. No. 10 need4speed
Black Bear v. AERO PUSH
Vans Bums v. RacingAngel
No. 5 yduck v. No. 9 Cooter
Longs Gap def nstag8rs
gonzo v. No. 1 Team Lester
RugRatRacers v. FORDFUCUS
RoadRage v. speedracer
testcar v. Team Wyoming
No. 3 TURBO v. No. 4 Rolling Thunder
Canyon County tied gordon hater
asian assassins tied Yabos
hardbody v. No. 6 KLA Sadler
reckhard v. Team Parski
Junior tied Hendrick Express
FC Newman v. Gordon #1
No. 2 No right turns v. KitchenPass
RAZN def photo finish
Rev-A-Lusions def DWI
Dirt Runners v. Chevys Redneck
Sarges Squad v. Crash & Burn
CHK v. Smokin Aces
AFTER BURNER def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. No. 10 need4speed
RubbinsRacin v. AERO PUSH
No. 8 3WIDE v. RacingAngel
Black Bear v. No. 9 Cooter
Vans Bums v. No. 5 yduck
Sarges Squad def nstag8rs
testcar v. RugRatRacers
No. 3 TURBO v. gonzo
Gordon #1 def Canyon County
Team Lester def asian assassins
hardbody v. FORDFUCUS
reckhard v. speedracer
Team Wyoming def Junior
Longs Gap v. No. 4 Rolling Thunder
No right turns def gordon hater
RAZN def Yabos
Rev-A-Lusions v. No. 6 KLA Sadler
No. 7 BLOWINSMOKE v. Team Parski
Dirt Runners def Hendrick Express
RoadRage v. FC Newman
CHK v. KitchenPass
Beer Belly tied photo finish
Barrie Lang def DWI
Rubbins Racin def Kntcky
No. 8 3WIDE v. Chevys Redneck
Black Bear def Crash & Burn
Vans Bums v. Smokin Aces
No. 5 yduck v. AFTER BURNER
No. 9 Cooter v. No. 10 need4speed
RacingAngel v. AERO PUSH
BLOWINSMOKE def nstag8rs
RoadRage v. gonzo
testcar v. Gordon #1
No. 3 TURBO v. No. 1 Team Lester
FORDFUCUS def Canyon County
speedracer def asian assassins
hardbody v. Team Wyoming
reckhard v. No. 4 Rolling Thunder
Junior tied gordon hater
Longs Gap def Yabos
No. 2 No right turns v. No. 6 KLA Sadler
RAZN v. Team Parski
Rev-A-Lusions def Hendrick Express
FC Newman v. RugRatRacers
Dirt Runners v. KitchenPass
Sarges Squad def photo finish

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Martinsville - right, front tires suck

Gory details here.

There are just a handful of days left in the poll - look to the right and vote now!! Check back after next week's race in Texas for a new scientifically deflated look at our fun.
Congrats to Cooter and Barrie Lang for advancing to the World Cup final.
Van's Bums' lead in the Yahoo! standings grew a little; Team Lester and Cooter need strong weeks to reach the top.
Van's still holds a sizeable lead, with BLOWINSMOKE, Cooter and No right turns needing big weeks - some wins wouldn't hurt either - to jump up. Just two teams in the Chase - including BLOWINSMOKE's top score at M'ville - scored more than 300 points.

We're halfway through the final round and the 50s reign. Rolling Thunder leads Van's by 50 in the championship, and Rev-A-Lusions leads TURBO by 52.

Top-seeded testcar leads Van's by 6 points heading into the final race of the round. testcar, coming from the losers' bracket, needs to win this round to force a winner-take-all run to the finish. If Van's rebounds at Atlanta, it wins the title and the Double Elimination competition is over.

The final matchups are set - Cooter v. Barrie Lang in the final, and Team Lester v. Racing Angel for third place. Cooter edged by 1 point and Barrie clipped Angel by 15.

Team Lester's lead held at 5 games over No right turns. M'ville was the last 50-game race of the season. We'll finish with 100-race weekends the rest of the way; there are 16 games/matchups left for each team the rest of the way (not counting guaranteed victories over the defectors).
Anyone in 18th place or worse (FC Newman included) has been eliminated and can't catch Lester for the title (i.e. 51 wins or less). This week's projected cutoff: 55 wins.
Standings through Martinsville
1. Team Lester 66-19-0
No right turns 61-24-0
TURBO 59-23-3
KLA Sadler 59-24-2

yduck 57-25-2
Rolling Thunder 57-27-1
Rubbin's Racin 56-25-3

Rev-A-Lusions 55-28-3
need4speed 56-29-0
11. 3WIDE 55-30-0

Cooter 54-28-3
reckhard 53-30-1
Team Parski 53-32-0
speedracer 52-30-2
Sarges Squad 52-31-1
Vans Bums 52-32-1

FC Newman, Barrie Lang 51-33-2
testcar 51-34-2

21. FORDFUCUS 50-33-4
Black Bear 51-33-0
RacingAngel 50-33-2
RAZN 49-35-0
CHK 49-37-0
KitchenPass 48-35-1
Team Wyoming 48-36-0
nstag8rs 47-34-3

Smokin Aces 47-36-1
31. RugRatRacers 47-38-2
Gordon #1 47-39-1
AERO PUSH 47-38-0
Crash & Burn 46-37-1

RoadRage 46-39-0
Dirt Runners 46-40-0
Chevys Redneck 43-36-5

hardbody 44-40-2
gonzo 44-41-0
photo finish 40-44-0

41. Longs Gap 48-44-2
Junior, Yabos, Canyon County, asian assassins, DWI, Beer Belly, gordon hater, Hendrick Express, Kntcky 0-82-16
Atlanta schedule (key matchups in bold)
FC Newman def Canyon County
Vans Bums v. KitchenPass
yduck v. photo finish
Cooter def DWI
RacingAngel def Kntcky
AERO PUSH v. Chevys Redneck
need4speed v. Crash & Burn
AFTER BURNER v. Smokin Aces
Rubbins Racin v. nstag8rs
testcar def Canyon County

RoadRage def asian assassins
hardbody v. RugRatRacers
reckhard v. gonzo
Gordon #1 def Junior
Longs Gap v. No. 1 Team Lester

No right turns v. FORDFUCUS
RAZN v. speedracer
Rev-A-Lusions v. Team Wyoming

No. 7 BLOWINSMOKE v. No. 6 Rolling Thunder
Dirt Runners def gordon hater
Sarges Squad def Yabos
CHK v. KLA Sadler
Team Parski def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang def Hendrick Express

TURBO v. FC Newman
3WIDE v. KitchenPass

Black Bear v. photo finish
Vans Bums def DWI
yduck def Kntcky
Cooter v. Chevys Redneck
RacingAngel v. Crash & Burn
AERO PUSH v. Smokin Aces

need4speed v. AFTER BURNER
nstag8rs def Beer Belly
TURBO v. RoadRage
RugRatRacers def Canyon County

hardbody v. Gordon #1
No. 13 reckhard v. No. 1 Team Lester
FORDFUCUS def Junior
Longs Gap v. speedracer
No right turns v. Team Wyoming
RAZN v. Rolling Thunder
Rev-A-Lusions def gordon hater
Dirt Runners v. KLA Sadler
No. 16 Sarges Squad v. No. 14 Team Parski
CHK def Hendrick Express

FC Newman v. testcar
Barrie Lang v. KitchenPass
Rubbins Racin v. photo finish
Black Bear def Kntcky
Vans Bums v. Chevys Redneck
yduck v. Crash & Burn
Cooter v. Smokin Aces

RacingAngel v. AFTER BURNER
AERO PUSH v. need4speed
yduck v. nstag8rs
hardbody def Canyon County
No. 13 reckhard v. No. 3 TURBO
testcar def Junior
Longs Gap v. RoadRage
No right turns v. RugRatRacers
RAZN v. gonzo
Rev-A-Lusions v. Gordon #1

No. 7 BLOWINSMOKE v. No. 1 Team Lester
Dirt Runners v. FORDFUCUS

No. 16 Sarges Squad v. No. 15 speedracer
CHK v. Team Wyoming
Rolling Thunder def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang def gordon hater
Rubbins Racin def Yabos
No. 11 3WIDE v. No. 4 KLA Sadler
Black Bear v. Team Parski
Vans Bums def Hendrick Express
FC Newman def asian assassins
Cooter v. Kitchen Pass
RacingAngel v. photo finish
need4speed def Kntcky
AFTER BURNER v. Chevys Redneck
Smokin Aces v. Crash & Burn
Black Bear nstag8rs
TURBO def asian assassins
hardbody v. testcar
reckhard v. RoadRage
RugRatRacers def Junior
Longs Gap v. gonzo

No right turns v. Gordon #1
RAZN v. No. 1 Team Lester
Rev-A-Lusions v. FORDFUCUS
No. 7 BLOWINSMOKE v. No. 15 speedracer
Dirt Runners v. Team Wyoming
No. 16 Sarges Squad v. No. 6 Rolling Thunder

CHK def gordon hater
Beer Belly def Yabos
Barrie Lang v. KLA Sadler
No. 8 Rubbins Racin v. No. 14 Team Parski
3WIDE def Hendrick Express

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Steady hand wins at Charlotte

Gory details here.
Van's Bums gave up 62 points on its overall lead to Team Lester with five races to go. Just seven teams cleared 300 points at Charlotte and our average was just under 200 points. Team Parski and RAZN posted the top scores (348).
Van's lead is still strong here (144 points). No right turns and Cooter are trying to keep pace; Rev-A-Lusions, Team Lester and BLOWINSMOKE need big weekends to challenge the top three.
Martinsville is the final race in the semifinal round. Team Lester leads Cooter by 19 and RacingAngel is ahead of Barrie Lang by 49. Winners meet in the championship; losers race for third.

testcar, coming from the losers' bracket in the championship, holds a 76-point lead over Van's. There are two races to go in this round; if testcar comes out on top, the same two teams will battle again for the title. If Van's is ahead after Atlanta, it wins the title.
After one of six races to finish the season, Rolling Thunder opened an 82-point lead over Van's in the championship. For third, Rev holds a slim lead over TURBO.

Team Lester holds a 5-game lead over second place with 18 games/matchups to go. Anyone in 25th place or worse has been eliminated. Lester has only one matchup this weekend (a guaranteed win over a defector is its other game/matchup), meaning anyone with 51 wins or less is in danger of being eliminated this week.

This week's top matchups: Van's v. KLA Sadler; Cooter v. KLA Sadler; and Sarge's Squad v. Lester.
1. Team Lester 65-19-0
No right turns 60-24-0
TURBO 59-21-3
KLA Sadler 57-24-2
Rubbins Racin 56-23-3
yduck 56-25-2
Rolling Thunder 56-26-1
Cooter, Rev-A-Lusions 54-27-3
11. need4speed 54-29-0
3WIDE, reckhard 54-30-0
Sarges Squad 52-29-1
Van's Bums 52-31-1
Team Parski 52-31-0
speedracer 51-30-2
testcar 51-32-2
Barrie Lang 50-32-2
20. FC Newman 50-33-1
Black Bear 50-33-0
AFTER BURNER, RacingAngel 49-32-2
CHK 49-35-0
(eliminated from title contention)
nstag8rs 47-32-3
KitchenPass 47-34-1
Team Wyoming 47-35-2
RAZN 47-35-0
30. Smokin Aces 46-36-1
Gordon #1 46-38-1
RoadRage 46-37-0
AERO PUSH 46-38-0
RugRatRacers 45-38-2
Crash & Burn 45-37-1
Dirt Runners 45-39-0
Chevys Redneck 45-35-5
hardbody 44-39-2
gonzo 43-40-0
40. photo finish 40-42-0
Longs Gap 37-44-2
Yabos, Junior, asian assassins, Canyon County, DWI, Beer Belly, gordon hater, Hendrick Express, Kntcky 0-82-16
Martinsville schedule
(last 50-race weekend; each of the final four races will have 100 games/matchups)
need4speed v. nstag8rs
hardbody def Junior
Longs Gap def asian assassins
No right turns def Canyon County
Rev-A-Lusions v. testcar
Dirt Runners v. RugRatRacers
Sarges Squad v. gonzo
CHK v. Gordon #1
Team Lester def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. FORDFUCUS
Rubbins Racin v. speedracer
3WIDE v. Team Wyoming
Black Bear v. Rolling Thunder
Van's Bums def gordon hater
yduck def Yabos
Cooter v. KLA Sadler
RacingAngel v. Team Parski
AERO PUSH def Hendrick Express
reckhard v. FC Newman
AFTER BURNER v. KitchenPass
Smokin Aces v. photo finish
Crash & Burn def DWI
Chevys Redneck def Kntcky
RacingAngel v. nstag8rs
reckhard def asian assassins
Canyon County tied Junior
Longs Gap v. TURBO
No right turns v. testcar
RAZN v. RoadRage
Rev-A-Lusions v. RugRatRacers
Dirt Runners v. Gordon #1
Sarges Squad v. Team Lester
speedracer def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. Team Wyoming
Rubbins Racin v. Rolling Thunder
3WIDE def gordon hater
Black Bear def Yabos
Van's Bums v. KLA Sadler
yduck v. Team Parski
Cooter def Hendrick Express
FC Newman v. hardbody
AERO PUSH v. KitchenPass
need4speed v. photo finish
Smokin Aces def Kntcky
Crash & Burn v. Chevys Redneck

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big Ones result in the One

Gory details are here.

Van's Bums reassurted itself as the team to beat, rebuilding a near 100-point lead over the field. So much for the blog post prior to Talladega.

Van's also posted the top score this week, its RMFN-best fourth victory of the season. Van's surge was boosted by the fact that the rest of the field stunk. Our average of 167 was the lowest of the season and the 28 sub-200-point scores (including our eight defectors) were the most at a track this season (I missed joining the club by just 1 point). Three other teams - yduck, Sarge's Squad and No right turns - scored more than 300.

Van's score also vaulted it to No. 1 in the Yahoo Second Half standings and a spot in the Single Elimination championship. Last week's post about folks catching Van's got a lot less pointless after Talladega.

Van's opened a 172-point lead over BLOWINSMOKE, helped by the 50-point bonus for this week's top score. Much like the real Chase, this is looking like a three-team race; fourth-place No right turns is more than 200 points back.

Rolling Thunder's 200 points at Talladega were enough to beat TURBO by 10 points in the semifinals; Van's big score helped it knock off Rev-A-Lusions by 37. The championship and third-place matches run through the final race at Homestead.

Rolling Thunder went through RacingAngel, Longs Gap, Beer Belly, Black Bear and TURBO to reach the final. Rolling averaged 201.8-point victories, but its closest was the last one against TURBO.

Van's Bums eliminated Hendrick Express, hardbody, Dirt Runners, Barrie Lang and Rev-A-Lusions to reach the final. Van's averaged 142.6-point victories, and in addition to the close win over Rev, it defeated Barrie Lang by 22 in the quarterfinals.

Top-seeded testcar (209 points at Talladega) advanced to the championship against Van's with an 85-point win over Longs Gap. Van's defeated testcar by 99 in the last Winners' Bracket matchup in Round Seven, which covered three races. This round also covers three races, and testcar will need to win to force a winner-take-all final over the last three races.

Van's and testcar were seeded and had first-round byes.

Van's defeated RoadRage, gordon hater, No right turns, Team Parski and testcar en route to the finals. It was largely an easy road with an average win over 184.6, and the closest matchup against testcar.

testcar defeated Crash & Burn, need4speed, Team Lester, Yabos (twice) and Longs Gap to reach the finals; it also lost to Van's. Five of its matches were decided by less than 100 pionts, including a 21-point win over Lester, and 15- and 18-point wins over Yabos. It's average win: 38.1 points.

Halfway through the semifinals, Cooter leads Team Lester by 27 points and RacingAngel holds a 71-point cushion over Barrie Lang. This round runs through race 32 (Martinsville); the championship and third-place matchups run to the final race at Homestead.

Team Lester held its four-game lead over No right turns and five-game lead over TURBO. After that there are 14 teams within five games of each other.
Eliminated: The defectors (8), Longs Gap, photo finish, Chevy's Redneck and gonzo; large group is on the bubble.
1. Team Lester 63-19-0
No right turns 59-24-0
TURBO 57-21-3
Rubbins Racin, 55-22-3
yduck, KLA Sadler 55-24-2
Cooter 54-26-3
Rolling Thunder 54-26-1
10. need4speed 54-28-0
Rev-A-Lusions 53-27-3
Sarges Squad 52-27-1
reckhard 52-39-0
3WIDE, Van's Bums 52-30-0
speedracer 51-28-2
Team Parski 50-31-0
FC Newman 50-32-1
20. AFTER BURNER, RacingAngel 49-31-2
testcar 49-32-2
Barrie Lang 49-32-1
Black Bear 49-32-0
CHK 49-33-0
nstag8rs 47-30-3
KitchenPass 46-34-1
Gordon #1 46-36-1
RAZN 46-35-0
30. AERO PUSH 46-37-0
Team Wyoming 45-35-2
Smokin Aces 45-35-1
Crash & Burn 45-36-1
RoadRage 45-37-0
Dirt Runners 45-38-0
hardbody 44-37-2
RugRatRacers 44-38-1
gonzo 43-39-0
Chevys Redneck 41-35-5
40. photo finish 40-41-0
Longs Gap 36-43-2
Yabos, Junior, asian assassins, Canyon County, Beer Belly, DWI, gordon hater, Hendrick Express, Kntky 0-82-16
Charlotte schedule
Chevys Redneck v. nstag8rs
No right turns def Junior
RAZN v. reckhard
Rev-A-Lusions v. hardbody
BLOWINSMOKE def asian assassins
Dirt Runners def Canyon County
Sarges Squad v. TURBO
CHK v. testcar
RoadRage def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. RugRatRacers
Rubbins Racin v. gonzo
3WIDE v. Gordon #1
Black Bear v. Team Lester
Vans Bums v. FORDFUCUS
yduck v. speedracer
Cooter v. Team Wyoming
RacingAngel v. Rolling Thunder
AERO PUSH def gordon hater
need4speed def Yabos
Smokin Aces v. Team Parski
Crash & Burn def Hendrick Express
Longs Gap v. FC Newman
KitchenPass def Kntcky
photo finish def DWI
Smokin Aces v. nstag8rs
Longs Gap v. reckhard
No right turns v. hardbody
RAZN def asian assassins
Rev-A-Lusions def Canyon County
Dirt Runners v. testcar
Sarges Squad v. RoadRage
CHK v. RugRatRacers
gonzo def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. Gordon #1
Rubbins Racin v. Team Lester
Black Bear v. speedracer
Vans Bums v. Team Wyoming
yduck v. Rolling Thunder
Cooter def gordon hater
RacingAngel def Yabos
need4speed v. Team Parski
AFTER BURNER def Hendrick Express
FC Newman def Junior
Crash & Burn v. KitchenPass
Chevys Redneck v. photo finish
Kntcky tied DWI