Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 - World Cup

Gonzo did well in the knockout phase, winning four matches by at least 62 points. In the final, Gonzo beat Top of Texas by 85 points.
Gonzo finished second in the Darrell Waltrip group to advance to the knockout phase, and finished tied for first (ended up being seeded third) in the Lowe’s group to advance to the second round.
Overall winner RYAN’S FAST was eliminated in the second round. It tied with SICK PUPS for the final advancing spot from that group but lost on the tiebreaker.

Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 - Double Elimination Heat

Overall winner RYAN’S FAST dropped to the losers’ bracket after Round 4 but enough to stay alive for the rest of the season.
RYAN’S, seeded 22nd, early advanced out of Round 1 but soon struggled. It advanced by 27 in Round 2 and 14 in Round 3 before the bounce in Round 4.
In the losers’ group, RYAN did enough to maintain and advance: 19 points in R5, 25 in R7, and 10 in R8.
Once to the final, RYAN needed two wins and got them convincingly over Cooter – by 62 and 74 points.
Overall runnerup Gonzo was ousted in R4 and finished 26th.

2011 - Single Elimination Heat

Like the SE bracket competition, Gonzo was never in jeopardy of being eliminated in the Heat competition – at least in terms of teams between it and elimination.
Gonzo won the final by almost 200 over Heavy Chevy. In the semifinals, it took the final advancing spot but it was hardly close – 99 points over the No. 3 team.
In the early rounds, Gonzo advanced by 34 points in Round Three, 17 in Round Two and 27 in Round One.
Overall winner RYAN’S FAST was eliminated in the third round.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 - Double Elimination Bracket

Cooter’s run to the title was almost as impressive, as it took the drama out of the competition before the season ended.
Cooter entered as the No. 4 seed and had its closest matchup in the final: beating Damn Sunday by 8 points. As the championship team from the winners’ bracket, that outcome secure the title for Cooter.
Cooter also defeated RMO Lug Nutz (by 173), katie’s bootleggers (188), Loose Lugnuts (22), LT4SS – DE (152) and Hang on Harvick (86).
For what it’s worth, Overall champ RYAN’S FAST and runnerup Gonzo33 struggled here. RYAN’S FAST eliminated Gonzo in the third round before falling out of the competition in round four.

2011 - Single Elimination Bracket

Gonzo entered as the No. 35 seed for the competition and needed to compete in all six rounds to claim the title.
Ironically, the first-round victory over Swindell Motorsports proved to be the closest:
Gonzo dominated the final by 159 points over Damn Sunday Drivers.
Gonzo rolled Dirt Track OUTLAW by 178 in the semifinals.
Gonzo blew katie’s bootleggers out by 305 points in the quarterfinals.
Gonzo flew by #3 Intimidator by 150 points in the third round.
Gonzo cruised by Betty Boop Madness by 93 points in the second round.
Gonzo eked by Swindell by 58 points in the first round.
Overall winner RYAN’S FAST was eliminated in the third round.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 - Chase

Gonzo dominated the final 10, posting 300+ scores in six of those races. The largest Chase field in RMFN history didn’t need to be – Gonzo’s margin over the final Chase qualifier was more than 1,400 points.
To cement Gonzo’s run, it also won the most races in the postseason.
Dirt Track Outlaw took the final invite to the awards ceremony, by finishing as the top non-Chaser.
Overall winner RYAN’S FAST was second.

2011 - Overall

napoleon and RMO Lug Nutz appeared headed for a two-team showdown through most of the season. The nap faded during the summer, and RMO hit a rough patch in the late summer and fall.
Their struggles coincided with big surges by RYAN’S FAST and Gonzo33. The difference ended up being second-round loses in the double elim heat and bracket competitions for Gonzo. RYAN’S managed to win the double elim heat crown, which proved to be enough to overcome Gonzo’s seven – SEVEN – event tropies.
The highest finish of a team with a first-round elimination was by HEAVY CHEVY. HC finished fourth in the Overall, despite finishing 35th in the World Cup.

Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 - Miscellany

RMFN owned the final 10 races of the season. The drivers combined for 130 scores more than 300 and just 17 less than 200. The streak was culminated by 27 300-pluses at Miami and the second-best average score for a race during the season.
Other season numbers:
Average score (per race): 257
Average score (per tame) 9254
Highest score: 387, Top of Texas Racing, Talladega, April 17
Lowest score 26, Arthur Racing, Loudon, July 17
Most 300+ scores: 13, Gonzo33 Racing
Biggest gain in Yahoo spots, spring to end in Overall: GOOD TO GO 40th to 8th
Most individual race victories: 3, Gonzo33, SICK PUPS and Top of Texas Racing

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Recaps on each of the competitions are coming, but here's a list of the competition winners and the gory details.

RYAN'S FAST: Overall, Double Elimination Heat
Gonzo33 Racing: Yahoo Overall, Yahoo Second Half, Yahoo Fall, World Cup, Single Elimination Bracket, Single Elimination Heat, Chase
RMO Lug Nutz: Yahoo First Half
napolean: Yahoo Spring
Cooter88: Yahoo Summer, Double Elimination Bracket

REMINDER: If you want an invite for 2012, drop me a line here or at fclex@yahoo.com

Congrats to all!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Phoenix - white flag!

After Miami, I'll post the final sheet and then posts on each of the competitions over the next week or so.

Thanks for playing and good luck!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Two races to go, and we have a GREAT race for the Overall title shaping up.

Check it out...


Saturday, November 5, 2011

No. 200 - Martinsville

Post 200 for the blog - it's been a good run and I hope to see 2,000.

Cooter, seeded fourth, claimed the Double Elimination Bracket title by beating Damn Sunday Drivers by eight points. Damn Sunday needed to win the three-race round that finished at Martinsville to force another three-race final. The finale was Cooter's closest matchup; Loose Lugnuts fell to it by 22 in the third round.

In the Double Elimination Heat, RYAN'S FAST did force another three-face final by beating Cooter by 62 points.

All other competitions are waiting for Miami...