Friday, July 29, 2011


The feedback at the Yahoo site and via email is much appreciated. With Google planning to send its blogs to Google+, I'm guessing that's where this will end up for next season. I may send it there after Homestead anyway. There seems to be more tools (and people) added to it everyday. It may also offer a solution to the Scribd problem.

Getting more questions about how to handle midseason dropouts. The seeds are set prior to the season, so matchups (for the most part) are luck of the draw. But the impact on teams that stay yet lost in the early round of a competition can be significant (see Cooter's early exit in the Single Elim Bracket to Buford's Boyz).
There are innumerable ways to look at/fix it, and I'd be welcome to suggestions. I've tried to make it as fair as possible by eliminating the exiting team at the earliest possible point without compromising the brackets or heats already in progress. Thoughts?

The Brickyard presents eliminations for 16 teams in the World Cup competition. Here's who's already qualified for the knockout phase:
Sunday Money 10 (1st in Earnhardt group), GOOD TO GO (1 or 2 in Gordon), Damn Sunday Drivers (1 or 2 in Pearson), RMO Lug Nutz (1 in Waltrip), Gonzo33 (2 in Waltrip), AMSKahne4 (2 in Yarborough), Betty Boop Madness (1 in Yarborough), Oval Friends (1 in Allison), Top of Texas (1 or 2 in Johnson) and Swindell Motorsports (1 or 2 in Johnson).
What's to be decided:
EARNHARDT: napolean holds a one-game lead over Cooter88; they face other teams at Indy.
PETTY: What. A. Mess. Little Deuce Coupe and JoRo's Rockets are tied for first, one game ahead of billy's boys 10 and BLOWINSMOKE. Indy matchups: BLOWIN v. billys and JoRo's v. LDC
GORDON: GoSlowTurnRight holds a one-game lead over Jr. Nation; they face other teams at Indy.
PEARSON: CLOWN CAR holds a one-game lead over BLOWINSMOKEJR; they face other teams at Indy.
ALLISON: FC Newman, RYAN'S FAST and SICK PUPS are tied for second. FCN v. RF and SP v. Oval Friends at Indy.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


RMFN finally reversed a gross trend in average scores at the snoozer-of-a-race in Kentucky, finishing the first half of the season with a 266 average - the highest for RMFN since Darlington in May. Damn Sunday Driver's 378 was also the third-best score of the season.

I set the breakdown as a Flash presentation this time, instead of a scrolling document. If you don't like it, let me know. If I don't like it, I'll go back to the way it was.

After Race 18, we got ride of a lot of players in the two bracket and heat competitions...

We're down to the quarterfinals, and six of the eight remaining teams entered with top 17 seeds.
smokeum wins the Tough Luck Award, falling to MONSTER by just 4 points. The next closest race was Dirt Track's 41-point victory over RYAN'S FAST.
The quarterfinal matchups:
Gonzo33 (No. 35 seed) vs. katie's bootleggers (41)
Dirt Track (16) vs. LT4SS (16)
RMO Lug Nutz (17) vs. Damn Sunday Drivers (7)
SICK PUPS (14) vs. MONSTER (6)

Surprisingly, the losers' bracket didn't see a ton of close matchups. Rev-a-lusions' 29-point win over Shamrock was the closest.
The biggest news was Overall contender napolean's exit in the fifth round. It lost to JoRo's Rockets by 94 points and settled for a 16th place finish.
The losers' bracket matchups for round six:
Team Lester (No. 35) vs. Rolling Thunder (23)
Damn Sunday Drivers (30) vs. Rev-a-lusions (16)
HEAVY CHEVY (20) vs. JoRo's Rockets (24)
AMSKahne4 (14) vs. Killer Carl (21)
The winners' side had a bye round and resumes in round six (races 19-21), with the winners advancing to the semifinals. The matchups:
RMO Lug Nutz (6) vs. Sunday Money (10)
Cooter88 (4) vs. katie's bootleggers (44)

Four top 10 seeds were eliminated in the third round, including napolean and defending RMFN champion BLOWINSMOKE. AMSKahne is the highest remaining seed at No. 3.
Overall contenders RMO, katie's and Sunday Money are still alive.

Like the Double Elim Bracket, the winners' group had round five off, leaving the spotlight on the elimination group.
RYAN'S FAST and Rolling Thunder tied for the last advancing spot, well ahead of the teams that were ousted.
napolean finished 15th; RMO stayed alive in the losers' heat by finishing second in the fifth round.
Winners Heat: MONSTER (2), Cooter (4), Sunday Money (10), katie's bootleggers (44).
Losers Heat: RMO (6), Swindell Motorsports (8), HEAVY CHEVY (20), RYAN'S FAST (22), Rolling Thunder (23), JoRo's Rockets (24), GOOD TO GO (25), SICK PUPS (42).

There are two weeks left in the Champion Qualifying group phase, and we have some teams already qualified for the knockout, bracket round.
Sunday Money 10 (Earnhardt), RMO Lug Nutz (Waltrip), Gonzo33 (Waltrip), Betty Boop Madness (Yarborough), Oval Friends (Allison), Top of Texas (Johnson), and Swindell Motorsports (Johnson) will take seven of the 16 final spots.
While the final places aren't know yet, we do know some teams that won't advance past this round: Tony is The Man, #3 Intimidator, Team Lester, Dirt Track OUTLAW, Hang on Harvick, Dale Earnhardt's Neck, and .... drumroll ... Overall contender .... katie's bootleggers (we'll learn how much it affects that team at the end of this phase).

I appear to have found the bug that had HEAVY CHEVY a game short, leaving that team in ninth place after race 19. RMO leads, followed by napolean, katie's bootleggers, JoRo's and Sunday Money.
REMINDER: I'll try to keep this updated through the rest of the season, but if work or family news breaks, we may ditch this competition in the Overall standings.

SICK PUPS and Top Of Texas each have three wins on the season, and hold much higher places in the Chase than they do in the Yahoo standings.
The cutoff currently includes 24 teams with eight races to go before the Chase starts.
RMO leads and katie's is second, but a reminder - we'll reset the points at Chicago.

RMO and katie's hold a nice margin over Sunday Money, but recall that katie's is facing an elimination in the World Cup. It could be a two-team race after Indianapolis, and even with that, Sunday needs RMO to stumble along the way.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daytona, turn 2

Eliminations pending in several competitions after this week's run at Kentucky. Much like the opening to the RMFN season, we'll be happy to leave Daytona behind. Our scores were, for the most part, gross.

Also, on the Overall page, I'm brainstorming some more competition ideas - let me know what you think about adding these for 2012.