Sunday, June 26, 2011


No eliminations but some shuffling after the 16th race of the season.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


More shuffles in the Overall after eliminations in the double elim competitions. The World Cup game is also getting interesting, with just two unbeaten teams remaining in group play.


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Eliminations pending in the double elimination competitions at Michigan. Also ... as promised some shakeups in the Overall after the first race of the summer season.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We have our first competition winner with the conclusion of the Yahoo spring season: napolean beat RMO by 68 points, or by 5.7 points at each spring race.

Weird weekend for RMFN - just one 300+ score (congrats GOOD TO GO) and no scores below 200. And that's not to say the scores were terrible - the 254 average was seventh best for the season thus far.

RMO reclaimed the lead but the group of teams challenging grew. Expect some shuffling this week with the start of the summer season.

napolean leads the Chase qualifiers, which now number 30.

Kansas marked the first race of rounds in this competition. Not much to report.

Each team has played four matches through three races in the Champion Qualifying. Only two undefeated teams remain: napolean (4-0-0 in the Earnhardt group) and Betty Boop Madness (3-0-1, Yarborough). I added an Average figure at the bottom of each of the group standings to give us an idea of each group's strength - higher average, tougher group.

I updated the results through Kansas and fixed some bugs. The teams that left the competition will play fewer games because matchups between those teams aren't counted. Everyone else has played 28 games. RMO and napolean lead with 22-6-0 records.


Saturday, June 4, 2011




Predicted shuffles took place with the eliminations, and we have a new leader - katie's bootleggers. RMO Lug Nutz and Team Lester are right there, as well. If the Head-to-Head sticks around, these standings are legit; if not, it could change again (see below).

We're down to 28 eligible drivers through Charlotte (though that could increase but unlikely). Note the Pre Chase Wins column - only two winners are currently outside the bubble. Win and you're probably in.

Tough luck award to Rolling Thunder, which lost by three points to smokeum, the lowest remaining seed at No. 43. CLOWN CAR also suffered a 14-point defeat. Lower seeds won eight of the 16 matchups; katie's and RMO are on opposite sides of the bracket. The third round is also six races and concludes at Kentucky.

RMO, napolean, katie's and Team Lester highlight the teams advacing in the winners' bracket. No. 46 Loose Lugnuts recorded another upset, topping No. 12 Dirt Track OUTLAW by eight points. No. 4 Cooter is next. Lester and katie meet in the fourth round and are on the opposite side of the bracket from napolean and RMO, which could meet in the sixth round (winners' bracket has a by round in the fifth round).
No. 1 BLOWINSMOKE and No. 4 CLOWN CAR were eliminated in the third round.

BLOWINSMOKE stayed alive here, claiming the final advacing spot by five points over Shamrock Racing. Seven of the 16 teams in the third round entered the competition with top-10 seeds. No. 2 CLOWN CAR was the highest seed eliminated in round two.

And some intrigue... katie's advanced in the winners' heat, while RMO shifted to the losers' heat with Team Lester. Oval Cowboys took the final advancing spot in the losers' heat by 12 points over Texas SpeedReavers; #3 Intimidator stayed in the winners' heat by four points over Little Deuce Coupe and six points over Dirt Track OUTLAW. The fourth round runs through race 15 at Michigan.

Every team has played three matches in the Champion Qualifying group stage. Your undefeated (3-0-0 unless noted) teams with seven races to go: napolean (Earnhardt group), Little Deuce Coupe (Petty), Jr. Nation (Gordon), Damn Sunday Drivers (Pearson), Betty Boop Madness (2-0-1; Yarborough), RYAN'S FAST (Allison), and Swindell Motorsports (Johnson).
Note that there are some Overall leaders missing from that list. This competition will also dent, cement or secure someone's Overall title chances.

The time to update this competition throughout the season hasn't come and the templates for it need some work (note that some teams have played fewer games than others; it's not supposed to work that way...). I'll try to keep it going, but do not be surprised if I fall behind a week or two on it to update scores and standings. At some point, there is also the possibility I'll take the competition out of this year's RMFN - hoping not to but ...
RMO leads with a salty 20-4-0 mark, followed by napolean (19-4-0) and katie's (18-5-1).