Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 RMFN - Final Figures

Average race score (teams that completed season): 263

Average season score (teams that completed season): 9497

300+ scores: 344

200- scores: 154

Best score: Golden Boy 48, 370, Dover, Sept. 25

Lowest (with four drivers activated): Blessed, 111, Taladega, Oct. 31

10+ 300 scores during the season: Turn Right Once In Awhile (15); BLOWINSMOKE (14); CLOWN CAR RACING (12); SNAPPY LOBSTA, #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr (11); Stone Cold, Sunday Money 10, ALL EIGHT RACING, Hoosier (10)

Race with most 300+ scores: Watkins Glen, Aug. 8, 19

Race with the fewest 200- scores: Dover, May 16, 0

Highest average race score: Dover, May 16, 290

Race with the fewest 300+ scores: Michigan, Aug. 15, 1

Race with the most 200- scores: Martinsville, Oct. 24 and Taladega, Oct. 31; 11

Lowest average race score: Taladega, Oct. 31, 222

Number of teams that won or tied for first in at least one race: 30

Most race wins: Rolling Thunder, Damn Sunday Drivers, Bassman Racing, Monster, 09 Dodge Caravan Driver, Roughriders (2)

Most consecutive 300+ races: CLOWN CAR RACING, FordFucusRacing, LT4SS, SNAPPY LOBSTA, Dale Earnhardt's Neck (4)

Number of 2010 RMFN teams finishing at or above the 90th Yahoo percentile: 10

Number of 2010 RMFN teams who finished at or above the 90th Yahoo percentile in 2000: 13

Number of 2010 RMFN teams finishing in the 99th Yahoo percentile: 2 - BLOWINSMOKE and Turn Right Once In Awhile

Number of 2010 RMFN teams who finished in the 99th Yahoo percentile in 2009: 2 - Monster and Bassman Racing

Thursday, December 2, 2010

WC -

BLOWINSMOKE, the No. 4 seed in the bracket phase, beat Al Briggs Racing, 14th, by 17 points in the World Cup final. Turn Right Once In Awhile dominated paulmotors10 for third.

The final was the second-closest matchup of the bracket phase - Sunday Money 10 topped 09 Dodge Caravan Driver by one point in the Round of 16.

The two group phases followed by the bracket phases allows for some comeback stories, and this year was no different.

ABR and Rolling Thunder finished third in the groups in the first phase (only the top three from each group were guaranteed spots in the next round. ABR also advanced to the bracket phase by winning a tiebreaker for second place in its group in the second group phase (first place went to BLOWINSMOKE).

TROIA had a longer road, finishing as the best fourth-place finisher in the first group phase to advance (p10 won that group).

In terms of finish in the Overall:
1 (overall) BLOWINSMOKE 1 (WC)
3 Damn Sunday Drivers 5
4 Stone Cold 23
5 Bassman Racing 27
7 Rolling Thunder 6
8 Sunday Money 8
9 Tony is the Man 11
10 Monster 42

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DEH - Intimidator finishes strong

#3 Dale Earnhardt Sr, the No. 37 seed, dominated the second of two matchups versus No. 11 Turn Right Once In Awhile to claim the Double Elimination Heat title by 102 points. #3's run was highlighted by a series of close advancing finishes in the winners' heat - 52 in the first round, 17 in the second round, 22 in the third round, 36 in the fourth round, 24 in the sixth round and six in the seventh round.

No. 35 Damn Sunday Drivers was the next lowest seed with the most success, finishing fourth.

BLOWINSMOKE was the last remaining top 10 seed, bowing out in the seventh round and finishing seventh. Four top 10 seeds were eliminated in the third round.

The top 10 finishers in the Overall were near the front in the DEH.
In addition to TROIA (second overall), BLOWIN (first), and DSD (third):
Bassman Racing (fifth overall; third in DEH)
Rolling Thunder (seventh overall; fifth DEH)
Sunday Money 10 (eighth otherall; sixth DEH)
Tony is the Man (ninth overall; eighth DEH)
Monster (10th overall; 10th DEH)