Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SEH - Rolling to another trophy

Rolling Thunder posted the top scores in the final three rounds to claim the Single Elimination Heat title. It nipped paulmotors10 in the semifinals by one point before routing p10 by nearly 100 in the championship. p10 entered as the No. 50 team; RT as No. 5.

p10 was scheduled to be eliminated after the quarterfinals but 3 Virgins dropped out of RMFN after that round, allowing p10 to advance to the semifinals.

The top 10 seeds struggled mightily in SEH. RT was the only finisher among the top eight and only two others advanced to the final 16.

Among the top 10 in the final Overall standings, only RT, BLOWINSMOKE, Turn Right Once In Awhile and Tony is the Man finished among the top 10 in the SEH.

Monday, November 29, 2010

DEB - All about the quack

Fifth-seeded yduck beat No. 1 seed BLOWINSMOKE in the second of two lopsided matchups to claim the Double Elimination Bracket title.

yduck won four matchups prior to the final by 62 points or less, including a 10-point win in its first competing round (round two) over Al Briggs Racing.

No. 32 Gotta Love Jr was the highest seeded team with the best finish (fifth).

The theme of strong runs equals Overall contention applied here, as well. Rolling Thunder, which finished seventh in the Overall, was 43rd in the DEB.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

SEB - Bassman returns to the top

Bassman Racing entered as the top seed and, for the most part, dominated the Single Elimination Bracket field. BR's closest matchups were in the semifinals (35 points over Rolling Thunder) and in the final (47 points over Damn Sunday Drivers).

Five top 10 seeds were eliminated in the second round (their first round of competing in the competition); two more in the second round. BR and RT (seeded fifth) were the only T10 seeds to compete on the final weekend.

Advancing out of the first round was crucial to contending for the Overall title. Sunday Money 10 finished eighth overall and 22nd in SEB - the best among the first 33 teams eliminated.
Among eliminations in the first round, #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr finished 13th overall and 39th in SEB.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

'SMOKE in the Chase

BLOWINSMOKE bettered CLOWN CAR RACING by 42 points to claim the Chase title. BLOWINSMOKE was dominant in the first nine races with five 300+ races; the team posted a season-low 152 at Miami and still won comfortably.

CCR had the most impressive non-race-winning run of the competition. It entered the Chase as the 12th out of 13 teams, didn't win a race at any point in the competition and still finished second.
Third place Turn Right Once In Awhile was 98 points behind CCR. 13th place Tony is the Man finished more than 400 points behind BLOWINSMOKE.

09 Dodge Caravan Driver entered the Leftovers pool in 15th and jumped one spot to claim the top spot in the group by 44 points over FordFucusRacing. FFR jumped 12 spots to claim 15th.

Friday, November 26, 2010


BLOWINSMOKE was the only team with top-10 finishes in all 12 competitions. Despite that, its average of 3.4 was just one point better than second place Turn Right Once In Awhile. TROIA's only non-T10 ws in the Yahoo Fall; with a first-place finish there, TROIA would have won the title.

The win by BLOWINSMOKE isn's all that surprising, given that the team entered RMFN 2010 with top overall seed with seven finishes in the Yahoo 90th percentile or better since 2002.

Here's a look at how teams finished in relation to their overall seed:

Turn Right Once in Awhile +9
Damn Sunday Drivers +32
Stone Cold +5
Bassman Racing +15
Rolling Thunder +19
Sunday Money '10 +2
Tony is the Man +5
Monster -7

LT4SS +7
#3 Dale Earnhardt Sr +24
yduck -9
09 Dodge Caravan Driver +8
GoSlowTurnRight -1
Hoosier +10
Revalusions -1
Al Briggs Racing +17
paulmotors10 +30

billys boys 9 -15
Oysters Lug Nutz -14
3 Virgins +11
Go Daddy +7
~~Gotta Love Jr~~ -7
FordFucusRacing -13
ShoeString Racing +19
No right turns -26

Team Lester +8
Gonzo Racing +8
~~Abbie Knows~~ 0
DaleEarnhardt3 +4
FC Newman -23
djs -11
Roughriders +5
Dale Earnhardt's Neck +6
Cooter88 -37
Seattle Spunk -21

Anyone but Jimmie -11
Golden Boy 48 +4
Rowdy Racing 18 +3
Black Train -16
Sqworls Racing -3
Blessed -26
Shake and Bake -3
JR. Nation 88 -1

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miami - shade less drama than the real race

Here are the final details - congrats to BLOWINSMOKE, which won four of the 12 RMFN titles including the Overall crown!

I'll post breakdowns of each competition in the coming days and plea for invites for 2011 (if you haven't RSVP'd already).


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Phoenix - White Flag

BLOWINSMOKE needs to start at Miami and will win a couple of competitions and the 2010 RMFN title on Sunday. Good luck with that.

Check the sheet for all of the details for the competitions - we got some close finishes at Homestead.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Texas, pard deux

SUPER late with posting this, so no comments (my apologies; it will be outdated in about four hours).


Monday, November 1, 2010

'dega dings

RMFN's average on Sunday was a 2010 worst 222 and just four team posted scores above 300. Back to tracks we know better (and aren't at the whim of The Big One).

The two double elimination competitions didn't end after 'dega. Details below: