Friday, October 29, 2010

Paperclip, part II

Scores were way down at Martinsville. I'm attributing that to a late-season hangover - teams are tired and napping has been a better option than watching the race on most recent Sunday afternoons. I hope that changes at 'dega.

We have our final pairings in the World Cup competition. Check the sheet for details.

Also, short of a big fall over the final four races, BLOWINSMOKE will win the Overall title. But there is the 'dega beast yet to contain.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charlotte, take 2

BLOWINSMOKE is blowing the RMFN field away. On the other end, it appears several teams are shutting it down for the season. Bummer.

Eliminations next week. Details below.


Monday, October 11, 2010


Fontana was either really rough on some folks or the RMFN players decided to play it like the fans in California and not go all together. RMFN average of 262 was the lowest since Atlanta and seven folks were below 200 (most since Michigan). We did maintain our streak of double-digit 300+ teams to five races with 11 at the SoCal track.

Drop me a line if you want an invite for 2011.

BLOWINSMOKE and Turn Right Once In Awhile are separated by just 0.3 points in the standings. BLOWIN's lead is due in large part to a ninth-place standing in the fall season, compared to TROIA's 23rd. BLOWIN is alive in three competitions and TROIA in five.

Rolling Thunder
took the lead among the Chasers, and seven teams are within 100 points of RT. In the Leftovers, 09 Dodge Caravan Driver leads with 10 teams within 100 points.

Damn Sunday Drivers and Bassman Racing advanced to the final. TROIA and RT will race for third. Both semifinal matchups were decided by 35 or fewer points.

BLOWIN beat TROIA by 21 points in the final loser-out contest and advance to the championship vs. yduck. How this matchup with end up impacting the OVERALL race is yet to be seen.
If yduck beats BLOWIN over the next three races, the competition is complete. If BLOWIN is ahead, they'll go another round (maybe call it the green/white round) to determine the winner.

RT and paulmotors10 advanced to the final with big runs in the final two races (RT scored 330 at Fontana to jump from fourth to first in the semifinals). Tony is the Man and TROIA will battle for third - both matchups will cover the final six races of the season.
Similar to the "DOUBLE ELIM - BRACKET", how much TROIA's loss in the semifinals will impact the OVERALL race is to be seen.

TROIA beat Bassman by a comfortable 43 points to advance to the championship against #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. That matchup will cover the next three races, and if TROIA wins, the same two will matchup again to determine a winner.

Through two of four races in the semifinals, and BLOWIN and TROIA lead paulmotors and Al Briggs Racing, respectively.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


Good week for most, REALLY bad for a couple. Eliminations in some competitions next week.