Sunday, September 26, 2010


Golden Boy 48 came out of no where to claim the top score of 370 at Dover. Only BLOWINSMOKE had a better score this season (380 at Sonoma in June). All told, 18 RMFN drivers were above 300 and the average was a solid 283.4.

We're also finding some consistency. Seven teams have posted back-to-back 300 scores and four have reached that mark for four straight races.

The only eliminations at Dover resulted in our semifinalists, and the top two seeds in the final bracket - Sunday Money 10 and Damn Sunday Drivers - didn't make it.
paulmotors10 takes on BLOWINSMOKE and Al Briggs Racing plays Turn Right Once In Awhile in the semifinals. Al Briggs is the lowest seed remaining (entered the bracket as No. 14; entered the second round as No. 30; entered the season as No. 36).
The semifinals run from Kansas to Martinsville (four races).

Fun race provided a tight pack at the top. 11 of the 13 teams are within 133 points of each other with 10 races to go. SNAPPY LOBSTA moved to the front, as one of two teams with consecutive 300+ races.
09 Dodge Caravan Driver is dominating the Leftovers group.

Turn Right continues to hold the top spot, and any shift in that will likely have to come in the Yahoo Fall standings. Right now, Turn Right stands ahead of the challengers.

Turn Right and Bassman Racing lead their semifinal matchups. Dover marked the third of five races in the semifinals.

After one race (of three) in the consolation final (loser finishes third), Turn Right has a hefty 71-point lead over BLOWINSMOKE. This one could clinch the title for Turn Right.
yduck advanced to the championship already and is awaiting the winner.

Tony is the Man and paulmotors10 lead the semifinals; Turn Right and Rolling Thunder have lots to make up in the final two of five races in this round.

Turn Right built a 70-point lead over Bassman Racing in the first of three races of the consolation final (loser finishes third).
#3 Dale Earnhardt Sr advance to the championship already and is awaiting the winner.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Loudon - Chase

First race of our Chase, and the points tightened a bit. Eliminations in the two double elim competitions are this week's highlights. Good race overall for RMFN - 17 300+ scores. Next week, we have eliminations in the World Cup competition.

NOTE: If you want me to put you on a list for invites to the 2011 RMFN, drop me an email or comment below.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Richmond - Our Chase field is set

Turn Right Once in Awhile regained the overall lead from BLOWINSMOKE, but the real news from Richmond was who qualified for our Chase and who didn't.
A quick note about our seasonal Yahoo champs and Yahoo's spring, summer and fall champs - we broke each season up equally (12 races apiece), while Yahoo has a shorter fall season (just the Chase races). Why not just call it the Chase, Yahoo?
Damn Sunday Drivers and, less so, Bassman Racing appear to have jumped back into the Overall title contention.

On the spreadsheet below, you'll find two Chase pages. One is the standings after the Richmond race, and the second is adjusted for the Chase. Again, Chase qualifiers start at 2,000 points plus stagger and win bonus points; all non-qualifiers start at 0 points with the same additions.
We had 13 teams qualify for the Chase (top 12 plus any others within 400 points of the leader, Bassman Racing).
yduck made the cut by 11 points; Revalusions missed by 32 points.
Once the points were reset (in the second Chase sheet), wins shuffled some teams. Turn Right went from the No. 2 seed to No. 7, for example. The upside is that all 13 drivers are separated by just 160 points.
Again, 50 additional points will be awarded for race victories.

We had a nice bounce back from the Atlanta flat tires, with a 264 average and 10 teams above 300 (again FC Newman was not among that group). And big congrats to #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr for its 362 - the top RMFN score of the season.

Through two of four races in the quarterfinals
Tight races in the four matchups, no team is leading by more than 68 points. Current leaders are: paulmotors10, BLOWINSMOKE, Al Briggs Racing, and Damn Sunday.

yduck is awating the winner from the losers' bracket and will sit out rounds eight and nine.
Turn Right leads ~~Gotta Love Jr~~ by 59 points with one race to go in the seventh round; BLOWINSMOKE leads Monster by just 3 points.

#3 Dale Earnhardt Sr
is awaiting the emerging team from the losers' heat and will sit out rounds eight and nine.
Bassman Racing has a 112-point lead over second-place Damn Sunday; the top two advance to round nine. Turn Right and Rolling Thunder have points to make up.

Through two of six races in the semifinals
Damn Sunday
leads Turn Right by just 19 points; BLOWINSMOKE has built a 168-point edge over Rolling Thunder.

Through two of six races in the semifinals
Tony is the Man
has a big lead - 75 points over second place paulmotors10. Top two advance to the final; Turn Right and Rolling Thunder have points to make up.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Atlanta - and a big change

3 Virgins turned everything around that I posted after Bristol by one simple move - leaving RMFN.

As a result, BLOWINSMOKE is right back in the overall mix as well as two more competitions.

And sorry for the delay in posting - fall is the busy time of year at the work place.