Monday, June 29, 2009

RPD - New Hampshire

jackman holds a comfortable lead in first, with a 12th-place standing in the summer season. TOOLIN's in second, despite an elimination in the double-elim heat competition - that should help it stay at or near the top come the fall.

21 teams are eligible for the Chase with eight races to go to Richmond. Wins (an additional 50 points) are the key at this point to keeping, losing or gaining positions.
Average week for the RPD, but for the third straight week, the sub-200 point group was in the single digits. key west flyers, TOOLIN, BURNINRUBBER and Abbie Knows have posted consecutive 300-plus weeks, the first since Charlotte-Dover.

Daytona marks the end of round three. Lots of blowouts and in all likelihood TOOLIN (358 over Tar urn), jackman (259 over FordFucus), Caguama Racing (255 over BLOWINSMOKE) and yduck (197 over Wade Chapman) will advance. Hooser leads #3 by just 18 and Rolling Thunder leads Gotta Love Jr by just 4.
One race left in Round Five, and only losers' bracket matchups. Tony is the Man leads Cooter by 150 and key west leads BLOWINSMOKE by 110. The closest matchup is moonshiners' 21-point lead over Black Bear.
FordFucus received a losers' bracket bye in the sixth round; winners bracket matchups on deck are need4speed-Rolling Thunder and TOOLIN-BlessedWyoMom.
Daytona is the final race in the third round. Abbie Knows currently holds the final spot, 58 points ahead of Rolling Thunder (seeded seventh) and 62 ahead of Gotta Love Jr. Everyone below is in big trouble, including our other remaining top 10 seeds (No. 2 Tony is the Man; No. 9 BlessedWyoMom; and No. 1 Cooter).
The fifth round - losers' heat only - ends at Daytona. FordFucus currently holds the final advancing spot by just 3 points over kl motorsports, 4 over Hoosier and 8 over Black Bear. No. 3 Tar turn and No. 1 Cooter are more than 100 points back.
BlessedWyoMom, Rolling Thunder, jackman and key west will battle in the sixth-round winners' heat.

Three weeks remain in the Champion Qualifying; the top two teams in each group advance. Here's a look at who will advance to the bracket (group):
IN: red clouds racing (Earnhardt), Hoosier (Gordon), Anyone but Jimmie (Pearson), TOOLIN (Yarborough), Rolling Thunder (Allison).
Typically by this point in the round, a handful of teams have been eliminated; not so with this competitive bunch. Everyone in the Champion Qualifying is still eligible to advance. The Petty, Waltrip and Johnson groups are very close after New Hampshire.

RMFN - New Hampshire

Bassman has a firm hold on the top spot, holding at ninth in the summer season - its lowest position in each of our competitions.
24rules, 18th in the single-elimination bracket, stands third and figures to be in the mix by August.
The cutoff will currently forward 20 teams into the Chase. Wins are a premium bonus right now for those on the cusp - 50 additional points.

283 group average and 16 teams above 300 was the best week since Charlotte. With the removal of Roadrunner, RMFN posted consecutive weeks of 0 teams at less than 200 for the first time this season.
Round Three ends at Daytona. Bassman (180 over testcar) and Hoosier (143 over Syrup) appear headed to the fourth round. All other matchups are within 100 points, including MEM-LT4SS (11 points), SwOOp-whoopdewhoo (19) and TURBO-NDI (tied).

Losers' bracket matchups only complete the fifth round. FordFucus has a 102-point lead over BlessedWyoMom; all other matchups are within 100 points. SwOOp's 5-point lead over RacinProwler is the closest.
Round Six, winners' bracket: Sliced Bread vs. testcar; 24rules vs. ROADWARRIORS
Round Six, losers' bracket: Rolling Thunder received a bye from the fifth round; other teams TBD.
testcar holds the final advancing spot with one race left in the third round. It leads ROADWARRIORS by 11 points and Team Lester by 25. Rember that Lester jumped six spots in the final race of Round Two to advance. Four other teams are within 100 points of testcar.

SwOOp holds the final advancing spot with one race left in the fifth round. It holds a 2-point lead over Hoosier, 5 over RacinProwler and 12 over Couch Potato Racing. 100 points separate SwOOp and last place BlessedWyoMom.
testcar, NDI, 24rules and ROADWARRIORS resume winners' heat play in the sixth round.
There are three weeks to go in the Champion Qualifying. The top two teams from each group advance. A look a who's will advance and who's been eliminated (group):
IN: Team Fritson (Earnhardt); MEMTiger (Petty); Leather & Lace (Pearson).
OUT: PeTeeTong (Pearson); Roadrunner (Yarborough).
The Allison and Johnson groups are still very close with three races to go.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

RPD - Michigan

Lots of shuffling after another round ends in the two double-elimination formats.

RMFN - Michigan

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A good number of changes in the overall standings after the end of rounds in the double elimination heat and bracket competitions.