Sunday, November 16, 2008

Like Jimmie, Van's Bums cruises

Gory details are here. Thanks for a great season.
Van's Bums held on for the title with a 5.4 average in our eight competitions. Van's lowest finish was 26th in the Head to Head, followed by fifth in the World Cup. Van's added third-place finishes in the Yahoo first- and second-half standings, second place in the Chase and Single Elimination, and individual titles in the Yahoo overall and Double Elimination.
Team Lester was second at 6.5. Lester was 17th in the Single Elimination and 12th in the Yahoo second half; it won the Yahoo first half and Head to Head titles.
Rev-A-Lusions was the only other team with an average under 10 - Rev finished at 9.9 and no titles. It's best finish was third in the Single Elimination.
Van's won by 14 points over Cooter and by 43 over Lester.
Here's a look at how the teams shuffled from the end of the first half to Miami:
+22: need4speed
+17: 3WIDE
+16: RAZN
+15: hardbody
+13: Team Wyoming, RugRatRacers
+11: RacingAngel
+10: Barrie Lang, AFTER BURNER
+9: No right turns, yduck
+7: Cooter
+6: Rolling Thunder, Gordon #1
+5: FC Newman, Smokin Aces
+4: RoadRage
+2: Beer Belly, Van's Bums
+1: gonzo, Dirt Runners
0: Hendrick Express, Canyon County, Junior, Rev-A-Lusions, DWI
-1: Team Lester, Rubbin's Racin'
-2: asian assassins, AERO PUSH
-3: KLA Sadler, speedracer, BLOWINSMOKE
-4: Team Parski, Longs Gap, photo finish
-5: reckhard
-6: TURBO, Chevy's Redneck
-7: testcar, Sarge's Squad, KitchenPass
-11: gordon hater
-12: Black Bear
-15: CHK
-17: Crash & Burn
-19: nstag8rs
-23: Kntcky
-39: Yabos
* Average score for the season: 234
* Average high score for the week: 350
* Average low score for the week: 130
* 300-plus point scores: 374
* 200-less point scores: 432
* Most 300-plus point weeks: KLA Sadler, No right turns, RAZN, AFTER BURNER 13 apiece (NOTE: Van's finished with 11)
* Most 200-less point weeks: Canyon County 22
* Biggest average score from first half to second half: hardbody 41 points per week
* Highest score of the season: Dirt Runners, 397 at Atlanta in March; BLOWINSMOKE, 397 at Pocono in June
* Best week of the season, points: 282 average at Dover in June
* Worst week of the season, points: 167 average at Talladega in October
* Best week of the season, 300 club: 27 at Fontana in August
* Worst week of the season, 200 club: 28 at Talladega in October

BLOWINSMOKE's win at Martinsville in October proved to be the difference in a 48-point win over Van's. 50 points were awarded for the top score at a track. The two also finished the season with the most wins - four apiece.
FYI: Yabos, which qualified for the Chase and then dropped out after Dover, finished 31st despite having a 2000-point cushion over the non-Chase qualifiers.
No drama here. Rolling Thunder rolled past Van's Bums by 223 points for first place, and Rev-A0Lusions lit TURBO up by 250 for third place.

Van's defeated testcar after week 33 and didn't lose a game in the tournament.

This was my favorite competition for its many levels, and I hope you enjoyed it, as well.

Barrie Lang defeated Cooter by 112 for the title; RacingAngel zipped past Team Lester by 73 for third place.
Barrie Lang entered the bracket phase as the fifth seed. It won both of its groups in the qualification phase.
Team Lester wrapped up the title at Phoenix. Note TURBO's final record - four more points at key weeks (four ties) would have put it one game back of Lester and another handful of points another week would have given TURBO the title.
A note for those coming back in 2009 - I am building a spreadsheet that will have each week's schedule from the outset and will automatically enter scores and records week-to-week. This will be a lot easier for you to follow the competition and a lot easier for me to track everything. The schedule will be set by overall seeds (more on that below).
Final Standings
1. Team Lester 73-25-0
No right turns 71-27-0
Rolling Thunder 70-27-1
TURBO 68-26-4
Rubbins Racin 67-28-3
yduck 67-30-1
3WIDE 66-31-1
Rev-A-Lusions 65-30-3
need4speed 64-34-0, 25834 points
11. Team Parski 64-34-0, 25534 points
Cooter 63-32-3
KLA Sadler 63-33-2
Barrie Lang 62-34-2, 26298 points
FC Newman 62-34-2, 24894 points
speedracer 60-36-2
reckhard 60-37-1
RAZN 60-38-0
RacingAngel 59-37-2, 25376 points
21. hardbody 59-37-2, 24332 points
testcar 59-38-1
Sarges Squad 58-39-1
Black Bear 58-40-0
Team Wyoming 57-39-2
Vans Bums 57-40-1
AERO PUSH 57-41-0
CHK 55-43-0
Smokin Aces 53-43-2
31. gonzo 53-45-0, 23230 points
RoadRage 53-45-0, 21690 points
RugRatRacers 52-44-2
Dirt Runners 51-47-0
KitchenPass 50-47-1 24166 points
Gordon #1 50-47-1 20837 points
Crash & Burn 49-48-1
Longs Gap 47-48-3
Chevys Redneck 44-49-5
40. Junior, Canyon County, Yabos, nstag8rs, asian assassins, photo finish, Hendrick Express, gordon hater, DWI, Beer Belly, Kntcky 0-78-20
If you want in and haven't let me know, you're certainly welcome back. Drop me a line and I'll email you when I get the group number and password from Yahoo in January.
I plan on seeding teams two ways: by 2008 finish and by an overall Yahoo rating. The later will be done by weighting finishes from seasons prior to 2008 (e.g. pct finish in 2007 will be multiplied by 0.9, 2006 by 0.8, 2005 by 0.7, 2004 by 0.6, 2003 by 0.5, 2002 by 0.4 and 2001 by 0.3.

Head to Head: As mentioned before, I'll have the entire season's schedule in the spreadsheet. I'll also have a grid that will outline each team's performance against the rest of the field. The schedule is already set; teams will be assigned slots by their overall Yahoo rating.

World Cup: It's back and better. We'll seed teams by overall Yahoo rating.
Single Elimination Bracket: We'll seed teams by 2008 Yahoo finish; newcomers will be seeded in order of signups.
Double Elimination Bracket: We'll seed by overall Yahoo rating.
Single Elimination Heat: Head to the ol' dirt track ... Instead of head-to-head/bracket set ups, we'll eliminate a set number of teams after each round. No need to feel bummed about scoring better that some winners and being eliminated. Beat a little more than half of those in that round and you'll advance. We'll seed this one by 2008 Yahoo finish.
Double Elimination Heat: Same as the Single Elimination Heat, only we'll seed it based on overall Yahoo rating.
Chase: It's back with the same format. As of now, we'll let the top 12 in and any others within 400 points of the leader. That, like this season, is subject to change.
Overall: We'll add the Heat competitions to the mix and average the 10 competitions for an overall winner.
If you have ideas for additional competitions, feel free to drop me a line. I've seen some others done but none that cry out for inclusion here.
Again, thanks for a great season and check back here every now and then for updates and comments.

Take care.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

2009 RMFN

If you're not on the list below and want an email notification of the league's password in January or February, post here or email me. Here's who I have requesting notification for the 2009 RMFN league:

Van's Bums
Rubbin's Racin
Black Bear
Team Lester

gonzo racing
Rolling Thunder


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rising Phoenix

Gory details are here.

Bullet points (pre-qualifying):

* Yahoo: Van's lead is down to 21 points over Cooter; Team Lester slipped to third and is 37 back.

* Chase: Van's leads BLOWINSMOKE by 18 and Cooter by 84.

* Single Elimination: Rolling Thunder leads Van's by 181 in the championship; Rev-A-Lusions leads TURBO by 157 for third.

* World Cup: Barrie Lang leads Cooter by 39 in the championship; RacingAngel leads Team Lester by 60 for third.

* 2009: If you want back here and an early invitation, email me or post a comment.

* Miami: I'll post a complete update as soon as possible on Nov. 16. Good luck.

* Head to Head: Team Lester dropped two of its three matchups but the other four contenders didn't win enough to keep pace, and as a result - Team Lester secured the title with one race to go. Lester has one matchup/game left and 73 wins; Rolling Thunder has two left and 68 wins; No right turns four left and 68 wins; TURBO and yduck three left and 67 wins. ... Miami schedule and complete standings later this week.

1. Team Lester 73-24-0
No right turns 68-26-0
Rolling Thunder 68-27-1
TURBO 67-25-3
yduck 67-27-1
3WIDE 64-29-1
Rubbins Racin 63-28-3
Rev-A-Lusions 63-29-3
KLA Sadler 63-30-2
11. need4speed 63-33-0
Cooter 62-30-3
Team Parski 62-33-0
Barrie Lang 61-32-2
FC Newman 61-33-2
speedracer 60-35-2
RacingAngel 59-35-2
reckhard 59-34-1
testcar 58-36-1
21. Black Bear 57-38-0
Vans Bums, Sarges Squad 56-37-1
RAZN 56-38-0
hardbody 55-37-2
Team Wyoming 55-39-2
CHK 55-40-0
AERO PUSH 54-41-0
RoadRage 53-43-0
31. Smokin Aces 52-41-2
gonzo 52-45-0
Dirt Runners 51-44-0
KitchenPass 50-43-1
RugRatRacers 49-44-2
Crash & Burn 48-46-1
Gordon #1 48-47-1
Longs Gap 45-46-3
Chevys Redneck 44-46-5
40. Junior, Canyon County, Yabos, nstag8rs, asian assassins, DWI, photo finish, Hendrick Express, gordon hater, Beer Belly, Kntcky 0-78-20

Longs Gap v. Cooter
No right turns v. yduck
RAZN v. Vans Bums
Rev-A-Lusions v. Black Bear
Dirt Runners v. Rubbins Racin
Sarges Squad v. Barrie Lang
CHK def Beer Belly
speedracer def nstag8rs
KLA Sadler def gordon hater
Rolling Thunder v. Team Parski
Team Wyoming def Hendrick Express
FC Newman def Yabos
FORDFUCUS v. KitchenPass
Team Lester def photo finish
Gordon #1 def DWI
gonzo def Kntcky
RugRatRacers v. Chevys Redneck
RoadRage v. Crash & Burn
testcar v. Smokin Aces
need4speed def Canyon County
AERO PUSH def asian assassins
hardbody v. RacingAngel
reckhard v. Cooter
yduck def Junior
Longs Gap v. Vans Bums
No right turns v. Black Bear
Rev-A-Lusions v. Rubbins Racin
BLOWINSMOKE v. Barrie Lang
Dirt Runners def Beer Belly
Sarges Squad v. CHK
Rolling Thunder def nstag8rs
Team Parski def Yabos
gordon hater tied Hendrick Express
FC Newman v. KLA Sadler
Team Wyoming v. KitchenPass
speedracer def photo finish
Team Lester def Kntcky
Gordon #1 v. Chevys Redneck
gonzo v. Crash & Burn
RugRatRacers v. Smokin Aces
testcar v. need4speed
RacingAngel def Canyon County
Cooter def asian assassins
hardbody v. yduck
reckhard v. Vans Bums
Black Bear def Junior
Longs Gap v. 3WIDE
No right turns v. Rubbins Racin
RAZN v. Barrie Lang
Rev-A-Lusions def Beer Belly
Dirt Runners v. Sarges Squad
gonzo def nstag8rs
Team Wyoming def gordon hater
speedracer def Yabos
Team Lester v. Team Parski
Gordon #1 def Hendrick Express
Rolling Thunder v. FC Newman
RugRatRacers v. KitchenPass
RoadRage def photo finish
testcar def DWI
TURBO def Kntcky
Chevys Redneck def Canyon County
Crash & Burn def asian assassins
hardbody v. Smokin Aces
reckhard v. AFTER BURNER
need4speed v. Junior
Longs Gap v. AERO PUSH
No right turns v. RacingAngel
RAZN v. Cooter
Rev-A-Lusions v. yduck
Dirt Runners v. Black Bear
Sarges Squad v. 3WIDE
CHK v. Rubbins Racin
Barrie Lang def Beer Belly
Team Lester def nstag8rs
Rolling Thunder def Yabos
Team Wyoming v. KLA Sadler
speedracer v. Team Parski
FORDFUCUS def Hendrick Express
FC Newman def gordon hater
Gordon #1 v. KitchenPass
gonzo def photo finish
RugRatRacers def DWI
RoadRage def Kntcky
testcar v. Chevys Redneck
TURBO v. Crash & Burn
Smokin Aces def Canyon County
AFTER BURNER def asian assassins
hardbody v. need4speed
reckhard v. AERO PUSH
RacingAngel def Junior

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Texas bounce

Good work, crew. Gory details are here.

Bullet points this week:
* 18 300-plus-point scores this week, the most since Dover.
* 214 average was the highest since Kansas.
* Yahoo and Chase standings tightened up a bit, as a result and somewhat thanks to a sub-300 score by Van's Bums.
* New poll available to the right; vote now.
* Rolling Thunder's 380 points was tops this week and the highest score since Van's 382 at Chicago. If you're wondering about the season's best, Dirt Runners and BLOWINSMOKE posted 397-point weeks prior to that.
* Rolling's score gives it a 191-point lead over Van's in the Single Elimination finals; Rev-A-Lusions leads TURBO by 62 for third place.
* In case you missed it, Van's won the Double Elimination title last week.
* In the World Cup finals/third-place, Barrie Lang leads Cooter by 54 and RacingAngel leads Team Lester by 10.

Head to Head
* Team Lester's magic number is 4.
* Only four more teams remain in contention: TURBO, Rolling Thunder, No right turns and yduck. yduck and No right turns have the advantage with seven games/matchups to play; Rolling Thunder has six; and TURBO just four.
* The key matchup this week features No. 3 Rolling Thunder vs. No. 1 Team Lester. Three more to keep an eye one: No. 2 TURBO v. No. 10 Team Parski; No. 4 No right turns v. No. 9 need4speed; and No. 5 yduck v. No. 6 3WIDE.

1. Team Lester 71-23-0
2. TURBO 67-24-3
3. Rolling Thunder 67-24-1
4. No right turns 67-24-0
5. yduck 66-24-0

6. 3WIDE 63-27-1
7. BLOWINSMOKE 62-28-0
8. KLA Sadler 61-29-2
9. need4speed, Team Parski 61-31-0
Rev-A-Lusions 60-28-3
Cooter 60-29-3
speedracer 60-31-2
Rubbins Racin 59-28-4
Barrie Lang 58-31-2
FC Newman 58-32-2
reckhard 58-34-1
RacingAngel 56-34-2
testcar 56-36-1
Vans Bums 55-35-1
Sarges Squad 54-35-1
Black Bear 54-37-0
AERO PUSH 54-38-0
hardbody, Team Wyoming 53-37-2
RAZN, CHK 53-38-0
Dirt Runners 51-40-0
Smokin Aces 50-40-2
RoadRage 51-43-0
KitchenPass 50-41-1
RugRatRacers 49-42-2
gonzo 49-45-0
Crash & Burn 48-42-1
Gordon #1 48-44-1
Chevys Redneck 44-43-5
Longs Gap 43-46-3
Junior, Yabos, Canyon County, nstag8rs, Beer Belly, photo finish, gordon hater, Hendrick Express, DWI, asian assassins, Kntcky 0-78-20
Phoenix schedule (games involving top 5 teams in bold)
Dirt Runners v. need4speed
Sarges Squad v. AERO PUSH
CHK v. RacingAngel
Cooter def Beer Belly
No. 15 Barrie Lang v. No. 5 yduck
Rubbins Racin v. Vans Bums
3WIDE v. Black Bear
No. 2 TURBO def nstag8rs
FORDFUCUS v. Team Wyoming
No. 1 Team Lester v. No. 3 Rolling Thunder
Gordon #1 def gordon hater
gonzo def Yabos
RugRatRacers v. KLA Sadler
RoadRage v. Team Parski
testcar def Hendrick Express
speedracer v. FC Newman
KitchenPass def Canyon County
asian assassins tied photo finish
hardbody def DWI
reckhard def Kntcky
Chevys Redneck def Junior
Longs Gap v. Crash & Burn
No. 4 No right turns v. No. 31 Smokin Aces
Rev-A-Lusions v. need4speed
Dirt Runners v. RacingAngel
Sarges Squad v. Cooter
No. 29 CHK v. No. 5 yduck
Vans Bums def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. Black Bear
Rubbins Racin v. 3WIDE
RoadRage def nstag8rs
No. 13 speedracer v. No. 3 Rolling Thunder
FORDFUCUS def gordon hater
No. 1 Team Lester def Yabos
Gordon #1 v. KLA Sadler
gonzo v. Team Parski
RugRatRacers def Hendrick Express
FC Newman v. Team Wyoming
testcar v. KitchenPass
No. 2 TURBO def photo finish
Canyon County tied DWI
asian assassins tied Kntcky
hardbody v. Chevys Redneck
reckhard v. Crash & Burn
Smokin Aces def Junior
No. 4 No right turns v. No. 9 need4speed
Rev-A-Lusions v. RacingAngel
No. 30 Dirt Runners v No. 5 yduck
Sarges Squad v. Vans Bums
CHK v. Black Bear
3WIDE def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. Rubbins Racin
reckhard def nstag8rs
Gordon #1 v. FORDFUCUS
gonzo v. speedracer
RugRatRacers v. Team Wyoming
No. 32 RoadRage v. No. 3 Rolling Thunder
testcar def gordon hater
No. 2 TURBO def Yabos
KLA Sadler def Canyon County
Team Parski def asian assassins
hardbody def Hendrick Express
No. 1 Team Lester v. No. 16 FC Newman
KitchenPass def Junior
Longs Gap def photo finish
No. 4 No right turns def DWI
RAZN def Kntcky
Rev-A-Lusions v. Chevys Redneck
BLOWINSMOKE v. Crash & Burn
Dirt Runners v. Smokin Aces
Sarges Squad v. AFTER BURNER
CHK v. need4speed
AERO PUSH def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. RacingAngel
Rubbins Racin v. Cooter
No. 6 3WIDE v. No. 5 yduck
Black Bear v. Vans Bums
asian assassins tied nstag8rs
No. 1 Team Lester v. No. 13 speedracer
Gordon #1 v. Team Wyoming
No. 35 gonzo v. No. 3 Rolling Thunder
RugRatRacers def gordon hater
RoadRage def Yabos
testcar v. KLA Sadler
No. 2 TURBO v. No. 10 Team Parski
Canyon County tied Hendrick Express
hardbody v. KitchenPass
reckhard def photo finish
Junior tied DWI
Longs Gap def Kntcky
No. 4 No right turns v. No. 38 Chevys Redneck
RAZN v. Crash & Burn
Rev-A-Lusions v. Smokin Aces