Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bristol II

Bristol was one of RMFN's best tracks in the spring, so it was no surprise the same trend followed on the return trip. The 277 average was the highest since the spring and the zero - 0! - sub-200 scores was the third of the season and first since Kansas on June 5.

Two teams shared the top spot - #3 Intimidator and billy's boys 10 - at 359 (the fifth-highest winning score of the season).

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On to the competitions...

RMO Lug Nutz bowed out of three competitions at Bristol, but still holds a commanding lead.
I added a 'Best Poss' column to indicate the best possible score for each team. I also incorporated live standings for the Chase (previous posts indicated 1s for all RMFN teams). Reminder: I fell behind on the template for the head-to-head format and it was dropped earlier this summer. Apologies.
It appears RMO's worst would be about 9.5. Even then, the contenders would need RMO to fall completely apart in the fall to give another team an opening. Not likely.

RMFN has entertained up to 15 teams in the final Chase in prior years, but this year's parity and range of teams securing wins has changed that. Through Bristol - and with two races until the Chase starts - there are currently 27 teams eligible. Another seven are just 100 points short of the cutoff.

The final four teams are set after the quarterfinal round finished at Bristol.
Damn Sunday Drivers is the highest remaining seed (7), while Gonzo33 is the lowest (33).
Tough luck award to LT4SS-DE, which lost to Dirt Track Outlaws by just 12 points.
Semifinal matchups:
SICK PUPS vs. Damn Sunday
Dirt Track vs. Gonzo33

Cooter88 moved into the championship with a convincing win over RMO. Cooter now has a bye until the other finalist is determined (late October).
RMO joins three teams in the losers' bracket.
Tough luck award to JoRo's Rockets and to Team Lester. JoRo lost to katie's bootleggers by just 18 points; Lester by 10 to Damn Sunday.
Consolation semifinal matchups:
Killer Carl #99 (now Sugar Ray Childress Fight Club on Yaho) vs. RMO
katie's vs. Damn Sunday

AMSKahne4, Damn Sunday, HEAVY CHEVY and Gonzo33 advanced to the semifinal heat.
HEAVY claimed the last spot by just 4 points over RMO.
Gonzo33 is the lowest remaining seed (35).

Cooter88 advanced to the final with a big winners' heat win over MONSTER Racing. Like the double bracket, Cooter is off until late October.
GOOD TO GO, SICK PUPS and RYAN'S FAST stayed alive in the losers' heat. Sunday Money 10 was the last team eliminated, by 25 points to RYAN'S FAST.
SICK PUPS is the lowest remaining seed at No. 42.

Higher seeds won five of eight Round of 16 matchups, led by the two top seeds - Betty Boop Madness and Sunday Money.
The lowest seed remaining is Swindell Motorsports.
Tough luck award to Oval Friends, which lost by 8 points to swindell. Honorable mentions to GoSlowTurnRight and AMSKahne5.
Quarterfinal matchups:
Betty Boop (1-1) vs. Swindell (2-1)
Top of Texas Racing (1-6) vs. GOOD TO GO (1-4)
billy's boys 10 (2-6) vs. Damn Sunday (1-5)
Gonzo33 (2-2) vs. Sunday Money (1-2)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Second go-round at Michigan this season, and entering tonight's scrap at Bristol, we'll eliminate teams in at least four competitions. Good luck!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Watkins Glen

Update is below.

CLOWN CAR, an early-season Overall contender, will get booted if its lineup doesn't change for Michigan. That will mean that Sunday Money will advance to the quarterfinals in the World Cup.

Boris Said, anyone?


Friday, August 12, 2011

Pocono, round two

Clap for me: FC Newman broke a 25-race skid without a score above 300.

As far as items that matter, some changes in the Overall with eliminations in the double elimination competitions.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


We had mass eliminations in the World Cup competition, and therefore some shuffling in the Overall. Next up: cuts in the Double Elimination Bracket & Heat competitions.