Sunday, March 27, 2011


Great race but did it save the track from losing a date?

Comments on RMFN later this week.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


First round of the double elimination competitions ended at the short track. See if you're in the winners' group or the other one.

The single elim contests are tightening, as well, with two races left in the first round.

Great week at Bristol for RMFN (except for me and a handful of others).


Monday, March 7, 2011

Roll the dice at Vegas

Average score for the league stayed at 232, but we had a season-best four scores above 300. FC Newman continues to lead with a Matt Kenseth-like performance through three races.

Top 11 teams in the Yahoo standings are the same here. There are some changes due to records in the Head2Head. These will begin shuffling as we eliminate teams in the other competitions, beginning with the Double Elims after Bristol.

Since all teams with 400 points of the leader qualify for the Chase, all running 48 teams would be eligible if the Chase started today. You'll note the jump some teams made in this competition compared to the Yahoo standings - wins get you 50 more points.

Through three races, we quickly have some haves and have nots:
UNBEATEN: BLOWINSMOKE, RYAN'S FAST, CLOWN CAR, katie's bootleggers, Yduck, RMO Lug Nutz, FC Newman, Arthur Inc., napolean, Little Deuce Coupe, Sunday Money, Tony is The Man
WINLESS: Killer Carl, MONSTER, All Eight, Thumper Bugeater, Cooter, Shamrock, GOOD TO GO, Team Lester, Jr. Nation, Damn Sunday Drivers, Dirty Drivers

We're midway through the first round. Teams trailing by more than 100 points are in big danger of not advancing to the next round.

Same note for the Single Elim trailers applies here, as well. The first round in this competition ends at Bristol. However, there are also some close matchups heading into Bristol:
Rolling Thunder over SICK PUPS by 8
All Eight over Loose Lugnuts by 13
smokeum over GoSlow by 18
Little Deuce over Oval Friends by 32
Team Lester over Damn Sunday by 40
Gonzo33 over Oval Cowboys by 43

The first round ends at Bristol, and the top 18 teams after that race advance to the second round. Three teams currently hold that final spot; eight more are within 25 points of the final advancing position.

Five teams are unbeaten or have just one loss through three races and eight games: FC Newman, RMO Lug Nutz, napolean, SICK PUPS and katie's bootleggers. The 48 playing RMFN members have at least one victory. Each team will have two matchups for each race through August. For the rest of the season, each team will have four matchups for each race.