Thursday, April 29, 2010


The big one was a bummer for some, bonus for others.

The league's 254 average was matched at Talladega, with a ho-hum five drivers at 300 or more points. We did tie a season-low of two drivers less than 200 points.

This is the final week of the first round or Track Qualifying.
The top three teams in each group advance to the second round (or Champion Qualifying) along with the two best fourth-place finishers.
Like past seasons, 13 points appears to be the benchmark for certain qualifying for the next round.
If your team isn't mentioned, you're done with this competition and I'll post your placing prior to the next race (based on World Cup points and average points for the 10 races).
DAYTONA: BLOWINSMOKE, Bassman and Gonzo will advance; BURNINRUBBER is in the running for a fourth-place spot.
BRISTOL: SMOKE will advance; Seattle Spunk is close; Team Lester needs at least a win; Roughriders needs at least a Lester loss.
TALLADEGA: Dodge Caravan Driver and LT4SS will advance; DaleEarnhardt3 is close; Sqworls Racing is in the running for a fourth-place spot.
LOWE'S: No right turns will advance; Revalusions and #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr are close; djs needs a win and help.
INDIANAPOLIS: ALL EIGHT RACING will advance; Shake and Bake, after scoring 0 points at Daytona, is close; but the other three teams are also still alive - yduck, RING OF FIRE and Al Briggs Racing.
HOMESTEAD: Damn Sunday Drivers, billys boys 9 and Rolling Thunder will advance; GoSlowTurnRight has a shot at a fourth-place spot.
DARLINGTON: CLOWN CAR RACING will advance; Tony is the Man and 3 Virgins are close; Rowdy Racing and Hoosier still have a shot at a fourth-place spot.
WATKINS GLEN: ShoeStringRacing will advance; SNAPPY LOBSTA and Abbie Knows are close; FordFucus and Oysters Lug Nutz need wins and help.
MARTINSVILLE: Stone Cold, JR Nation and Gotta Love Jr will advance; Black Train has a shot at a fourth-place spot.
POCONO: paulmotors, Sunday Money 10 and Go Daddy will advance; Turn Right Once in A While has a shot at a fourth-place spot.

Halfway through the second round and 10 of the matchups are within 100 points.
The two closest - paulmotors leads Rolling Thunder by 5 points; GoSlowTurnRight leads Abbie Knows by 11.

After just one race in the third round, not much settled. In the winners' bracket, six of the eight matchups are led by the lower seed.

Halfway through the second round and the lower seeds are flexing their muscles. Five of the top 10 seeds are below the cutoff right now, and three more make up the bottom three advancing teams if the round ended in Alabama.

Same story as single elim in terms of the lower seeds. Right now, only one top-10 team would advance in the winners' bracket; and in the losers' bracke, three top-10s are in danger of elimination.

Stone Cold and Damn Sunday Drivers continue to lead the pack.
Dodge Caravan Driver is the highest ranked team with at least one elimination in 14th place (finished 34th in the single-elimination bracket).
Hoosier is the lowest ranked team with no eliminations in 30th place.

Same two leaders in the Overall front the Chase; the wildcard is Roughriders. With two victories, Roughriders stands third here while sitting 15th in the Yahoo Spring and 31st in the Overall.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sorry for the late post; details below.

The second round in the double elimination competitions ends here at Texas - good luck!