Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Martinsville update

Harvick and the rain did few favors. We combined for a season-low average of 231, with just two teams at 300 or better (Damn Sunday Drivers and Golden Boy 48 both at the cutoff for the mark).

Some blowouts, some tight races and one tiebreaker highlighted the end of the first round. At the checkers, we eliminated 18 drivers from contention.

In the 26-39 matchup, Team Lester won a round-best tiebreaker over Gonzo Racing - a first in the three-year history of RMFN. Both teams finished the six races with 1,509 points, but Lester had the best individual race with 308 points to Gonzo's 278.

Eight other first-round matchups were decided by fewer than 100 points - including Swqorls over Oysters by 8 and GoSlowTurnRight over djs by 9.

The first-round winners were reseeded to set matchups in the second round, which includes 14 teams that received byes. Highlighted matchups include (based on current Yahoo standings): No. 3 Stone Cold vs. No. 6 Revalusions; No. 11 3 Virgins vs. No. 18 Sunday Money; No. 18 Anyone But Jimmie vs. No. 13 LT4SS; No. 2 Damn Sunday Drivers vs. No. 7 billy boys 9; and No. 11 SNAPPY LOBSTA vs. No. 14 Tony is the Man.

GoSlowTurnRight took the final advancing spot by 9 points over djs and 10 over ALL EIGHT RACING.

The top 18 teams from the first round join the top 14 seeds in the second round.

paulmotors10 entered the competition as the bottom seed but advanced by finishing 17th, eight points ahead of GoSlowTurnRight.

Two teams won't advance that were seeded among the top 20: No. 18 ALL EIGHT RACING and No. 15 #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr.

As a result of eliminations in the two single competitions, the overall standings are taking shape. As noted last week, if you were eliminated in the first round of either of the single competitions, RMFN history is not on your side for winning the overall title.

The bottom 11 teams in the overall standings were ousted in both single events at Martinsville.

Seattle Spunk, currently in 38th, is the potential Cinderella in the single elim bracket.

SMOKE, in 18th and 09 Dodge Caravan Driver, in 21st, are the highest ranked teams in the overall standings with at least one elimination.

CLOWN CAR RACING holds a four-point lead over Damn Sunday Drivers.

We'll advance the top 12 and any other teams within 400 points to the Chase. All but two teams currently meet that mark.

Just two teams remain unbeaten after six races - billy boys 9 and CLOWN CAR RACING are each 4-0-0.

RMFN history suggests 13 points will automatically qualify a team for the next round, while a minimum of 9 will be required to challenge for an at-large spot among the best fourth-place finishers.

Some teams have 12 points available; others as few as 9.

Halfway through the second round and eight winners' bracket matchups have a difference of less than 50 points. The matchup between 3 Virgins and SNAPPY LOBSTA is the closest at 2 points. The second round has two more races and ends at Texas.

Of the nine losers' bracket matchups, only two have differences of fewer than 50 points. After Texas, we'll get rid of nine teams from contention.

Yours truly, FC Newman, currently holds the final spot in the winners' heat - by 2 points over ALL EIGHT RACING and by 5 over JR Nation 88.

In the losers' heat, Shake and Bake's resurgence is noted by its 597 - tops for the winners and losers in this round. RING OF FIRE currently holds the final advancing spot - by 1 point over DaleEarnhardt3 and by 7 over Roughriders.

Like the double bracket, this competition has two races before the end of the round.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bristol update

Bristol's a rough place and it was rough on RMFN, as well. Twelve player scored 300 or more, while a season-high eight were below 200. We also posted a pedestrian 252 average score. Abbie Knows picked up the win.

Big race coming Sunday for the overall, single elim bracket and single elim heat competitions. The end of the first round is at Martinsville for the latter two, while no one who was eliminated in the first round of the single competitions contended for the overall title (even if sniffing at the Yahoo overall title). If you're on the verge of getting eliminated from the heat or bracket games, this isn't the week to think about saving a driver - go all in and make a run at advancing.

Martinsville is the final race of the first round. We'll reseed the winners for matchups in the second round.
Teams that appear to be a lock to move on: LT4SS, BLOWINSMOKE, and Turn Right Once in Awhile.
Matchups within 100 points heading into Sunday's paperclip run: Team Lester-Gonzo Racing (26), #3 Dale Earnhardt-paulmotors (35), Mr Sunday-SMOKE (41), billy boys-Dodge Caravan (45), Cooter-Rowdy Racing (57), and djs-GoSlowTurnRight (77).

Like the sister bracket format, this is the final race of Round One. The top 18 advance to the second round to face the 14 who earned first-round byes.
paulmotors and Tony is the Man are tied in the 17th and 18th spots; Gonzo Racing is just six back and Rowdy Racing just 14 back.
Thirteen (13) other teams are within 100 points of the cutoff.

Halfway through the Track Qualifying round and the number of undefeateds dwindled. The elite group now includes just two teams: billy boys 9 in the Homestead group and CLOWN CAR RACING in the Darlington pack.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


* Sunday Money and BLOWINSMOKE shared the top score at Atlanta, but Money is just that with three straight races at 300+.
* Sub 200 scores remained the odd lot with just three. We've had seven since Daytona (started with five there).

Undefeated entering the fifth race: BLOWINSMOKE (Daytona Group), Seattle Spunk (Bristol), LT4SS (Talladega), ALL EIGHT RACING (Indianapolis), billy boys 9 (Homestead), CLOWN CAR RACING (Darlington), 3 Virgins (Darlington), FordFucusRacing (Watkins Glen), Gotta Love Jr (Martinsville), and Sunday Money (Pocono).
Winless entering the fifth race: Roughriders (Bristol), Dale Earnhardt's Neck (Lowe's), Golden Boy (Homestead), Rowdy Racing (Darlington), Abbie Knows (Watkins Glen), Black Train (Martinsville), and Anyone but Jimmie (Pocono).

Two races to go in round one.
Matches with difference of less than 50 points: #3 Dale Earnhardt over paulmotors (by 25), JR Nation-ALL EIGHT RACING (34), and Go Daddy-Dale Earnhardt's Neck (46).
Likely decided: Turn Right leads RING OF FIRE (by 210) and LT4SS-Shake and Bake (319).

Round one completed.
The winners and losers from the first round were reseeded to set the second-round matchups. The winners bracket is on one spreadsheet and the losers on the following sheet.
Close but ... In an matchup of RMFN regulars, Team Lester beat Rolling Thunder by 6 points, the closest of 11 first-round matchups decided by 100 points or less.
Two high-profile matchups in the second round, based on current Yahoo standings: No. 4 3 Virgins vs. No. 5 SNAPPY LOBSTA and No. 3 Bassman Racing vs. No. 6 Revalusions.

Two races remain in round one.
Tony is the Man and SMOKE hold the final spots, by 10 points over ALL EIGHT RACING and by 23 over Gonzo Racing.
10 more teams are within 100 points of the cutoff of the top 18.

Gonzo Racing took the 18th and final spot to the winners bracket, edging Go Daddy by 2 points and Dodge Caravan Driver by 3.
Highest seeds bumped to the losers bracket: No. 19 Seattle Spunk and No. 21 Blessed.
Lowest seeds still alive: No. 50 paulmotors, No. 49 JR Nation and No. 48 ShoeStringRacing.

3 Virgins holds a one-game lead over four teams.
Disclaimer: There are some issues with the cells in the spreadsheet and I hope to be able to resolve them this weekend. If not, this competition will disappear until 2011.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

California, Las Vegas updates

Sorry for the delay - early March is brutal at work and doesn't leave much time for this fun. I hope to post quicker and more often after the next two races.