Sunday, September 28, 2008

Watch that wall there, Carl

Gory details are here.

The champion hasn't been decided yet, but Team Lester is close. With 20 games to play, Lester has a five-game lead. The only thing leaving hope for the rest of the field is the schedule - it's backended with mostly 100-matchup races (five of the last seven), including this week's in Talladega. In addition to our defectors, photo finish and Longs Gap have been eliminated from championship contention.
Team Lester 61-17-0
Rubbins Racin 54-20-3
TURBO 55-20-3
No right turns 55-24-0
KLA Sadler 53-23-2
Rolling Thunder 52-25-1
yduck, speedracer 51-24-2
Rev-A-Lusions 51-26-3
reckhard 51-27-0
Cooter 50-26-3
need4speed 50-28-0
Sarges Squad 49-27-1
FC Newman 49-29-1
Barrie Lang 49-30-1
3WIDE, Vans Bums, Team Parski 49-30-0
testcar 48-39-2
Black Bear 48-30-0
CHK 48-32-0
RacingAngel 46-30-2
nstag8rs 45-30-3
Gordon #1 45-33-1
RAZN 45-32-0
RoadRage 45-33-0
Dirt Runners 45-35-0
Smokin Aces, KitchenPass 44-33-1
Crash & Burn, RugRatRacers 44-34-1
AERO PUSH 44-35-0
hardbody, Team Wyoming 42-35-2
gonzo, 42-36-0
Chevys Redneck 40-33-5
photo finish 40-39-0
Longs Gap 36-40-2
Talladega schedule
Smokin Aces v. speedracer
Crash & Burn v. Team Wyoming
Chevys Redneck v. Rolling Thunder
Kntcky tied gordon hater
DWI tied Yabos
photo finish v. KLA Sadler
KitchenPass v. Team Parski
nstag8rs def Hendrick Express
KitchenPass v. nstag8rs
Rev-A-Lusions v. No right turns
Dirt Runners def Junior
Sarges Squad v. reckhard
CHK v. hardbody
Beer Belly tied asian assassins
Barrie Lang def Canyon County
Rubbins Racin v. TURBO
3WIDE v. testcar
Black Bear v. RoadRage
Vans Bums v. RugRatRacers
yduck v. gonzo
Cooter v. Gordon #1
RacingAngel v. Team Lester
need4speed v. speedracer
AFTER BURNER v. Team Wyoming
Smokin Aces v. Rolling Thunder
Crash & Burn def gordon hater
Chevys Redneck def Yabos
KLA Sadler def Kntcky
Team Parski def DWI
photo finish def Hendrick Express
RAZN v. FC Newman
nstag8rs def DWI
RAZN v. Longs Gap
Rev-A-Lusions def Junior
BLOWINSMOKE v. reckhard
Dirt Runners v. hardbody
Sarges Squad def asian assassins
CHK def Canyon County
TURBO def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. testcar
Rubbins Racin v. RoadRage
3WIDE v. RugRatRacers
Black Bear v. gonzo
Vans Bums v. Gordon #1
yduck v. Team Lester
RacingAngel v. speedracer
AERO PUSH v. Team Wyoming
need4speed v. Rolling Thunder
AFTER BURNER def gordon hater
Smokin Aces def Yabos
Crash & Burn v. KLA Sadler
Chevys Redneck v. Team Parski
Kntcky tied Hendrick Express
FC Newman v. No right turns
photo finish v. KitchenPass
Dirt Runners v. Rev-A-Lusions
Sarges Squad v. RAZN
CHK v. No right turns
Longs Gap def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang def Junior
Rubbins Racin v. reckhard
3WIDE v. hardbody
Black Bear def asian assassins
Vans Bums v. Canyon County
yduck v. TURBO
Cooter v. testcar
RacingAngel v. RoadRage
AERO PUSH v. RugRatRacers
need4speed v. gonzo
AFTER BURNER v. Gordon #1
Smokin Aces v. Team Lester
Crash & Burn v. FORDFUCUS
Chevys Redneck v. speedracer
Team Wyoming def Kntcky
Rolling Thunder def DWI
photo finish def gordon hater
KitchenPass def Yabos
nstag8rs v. KLA Sadler
Team Parski def Hendrick Express
FC Newman v. Rev-A-Lusions
Dirt Runners v. No right turns
Sarges Squad v. Longs Gap
CHK def Junior
reckhard def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. hardbody
Rubbins Racin def asian assassins
3WIDE def Canyon County
Black Bear v. TURBO
Vans Bums v. testcar
yduck v. RoadRage
Cooter v. RugRatRacers
RacingAngel v. gonzo
AERO PUSH v. Gordon #1
need4speed v. Team Lester
It's going to be tough for anyone to catch Van's Bums. If Van's place holds in the Head to Head, there's an outside shot if the team struggles in the Chase and also drops some in the Yahoo standings. Van's can finish no worse than fourth in the Single Elimination and second in the Double Elimination.
So who has the best shot? First calculating the current standings for Yahoo Overall and Second Half, and the Head to Head standings, we get a little bit of a look if we then plug in the worst possible finishes for Van's and the best possible finishes for everyone else. If Van's finishes fourth in the Single Elimination, second in the Double Elimination and 14th in the Chase (and somehow keeping its top-five spots in the two remaining Yahoo standings and 18th in the Head to Head), Van's would have an average finish of 6.83.
The best possible finishes for everyone else, if they keep their places in the two Yahoo standings and the Head to Head (i.e. first-place finishes in any remaining competitions):
Team Lester 4.63
KLA Sadler 8.63
Barrie Lang 10.0
Cooter 10.3
Rev-A-Lusions 10.9
No right turns 11.9
Team Parski 12.0
Rubbins Racin 13.8
Rolling Thunder 14.8
yduck 16.3
testcar 18.4
RacingAngel 18.6
Longs Gap 19.1
So ... Team Lester has the best shot at catching Van's, considering Van's continues to post strong scores and Lester wins most of the remaining individual competition titles.
Everyone else still has a shot, but a couple things need to happen: Big, BIg, BIG scores from here on out and some untimely choices/wrecks for Van's.
Quick note for Rubbin's Racin: the team was eliminated in the first round of the Single Elimination (by 65 points over six races) and in the second round of the Double Elimination (by just 18 points over four races in the first round). Without those two finishes (scored at 50th and 33rd, respectively), Rubbin's would be challenging for the title. It's the only team besides Van's with top-10 finishes or current standings in each of our other competitions.
I didn't expect a Chase participant to bail after Richmond, but with Yabos' departure, we could have at least one of the non-Chase qualifiers pass Yabos in the Chase standings. You'd think a 2,000-point cushion would be enough to prevent that. Sucks for Yabos.

This is the last race of the semifinals. Rolling Thunder leads TURBO by 28 points and Rev-A-Lusions fronts Van's by 43. Winners advance to the championship; losers battle for third.
This is also the last race of Round Nine, the final Losers' Bracket matchup and essentially the third-place matchup. testcar, which was seeded first in the 50-team bracket based on past Yahoo! Fantasy NASCAR finishes since 1999, leads Longs Gap by 1 (ONE!!!) point. The winner advances to the Championship against undefeated Van's. The testcar-Longs winner would need to defeat Van's over races 31-33 to force a winner-take-all shootout in races 34-36. If Van's wins over races 31-33, it wins.
After one race in the four-race semifinals, Team Lester leads Cooter by 10 points and Barrie Lang holds a 30-point lead over RacingAngel.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big scores at Dover

Raise your hand if you're happy that you saved Kyle Busch for a strong run at the end of the season!! .... Gory details here.

Congrats to Team Lester for moving up to No. 1; we have five teams within 100 points of the top spot for the first time in a long time.
We had 22 teams score 300 or more points - just the fifth time this season we've accomplished that. Our average of 243 was also impressive, given that it includes eight 0s from the teams that aren't playing anymore.
Van's continues to hold the top spot with a 20-point lead over BLOWINSMOKE and a 52-point lead over Cooter. AFTER BURNER and No right turns (with our top score from Dover, 355 points) are each within 100 points of the lead. Remember, top scores/wins result in an additional 50 points.

Two races to go in the semifinals. Rev leads Van's by 61 and TURBO leads Rolling by 33. The race at Talladega completes that round ... watch out for the 'Big One.'


After the first week of the third-place matchup (loser places third, winner advances to the final), Longs Gap holds a 47-point lead over testcar. This round also ends in Alabama.

Congrats to Cooter, Team Lester, Barrie Lang and RacingAngel, who advanced to the semifinals. Cooter takes on Lester and Barrie plays Angel; the round runs through the race at Martinsville.
Angel made the the most surprising run to the Final Four. Angel won three of its last four in the Champion Qualifying group to edge and eliminate AFTER BURNER. In the bracket section, Angel was seeded 15th out of 16 teams and knocked out the No. 2 and No. 7 teams to advance to the semifinals.
UPDATE: Yabos left us after Dover; didn't boot 'em, team just packed up and left. Sucks for that team, good for us. Yabos was in the top five in the Head to Head with 50-plus victories after finishing the first half in the Yahoo standings in second place. Yabos was also in the Chase and stood 15th in the overall Yahoo standings; the team had been eliminated from our other competitions already. We're down to 41 teams.
1. Team Lester 60-17-0
TURBO 55-18-3
Rubbins Racin 52-20-3
No right turns 53-24-0
KLA Sadler 52-23-2
Rolling Thunder 52-24-1
yduck, speedracer 51-23-2
Rev-A-Lusions 50-25-3
10. BLOWINSMOKE, reckhard 50-26-0
Cooter 49-26-3
Sarges Squad 49-25-1
need4speed 49-27-0
3WIDE, Team Parski 49-29-0
Barrie Lang 48-29-1
Vans Bums 48-30-0
20. AFTER BURNER 47-28-2
FC Newman 47-29-1
Black Bear 47-29-0
CHK 47-31-0
testcar 46-29-2
RacingAngel 45-30-2
RAZN 45-31-0
Dirt Runners 45-33-0
nstag8rs 44-30-3
Crash & Burn 44-32-1
30. Gordon #1 44-33-1
RoadRage 44-32-0
AERO PUSH 44-34-0
Smokin Aces 43-32-1
hardbody, Team Wyoming 42-33-2
KitchenPass 42-33-1
RugRatRacers 42-34-1
Chevys Redneck 40-31-5
gonzo 40-36-0
40. photo finish 39-38-0
Longs Gap 35-39-2
50. Junior, Canyon County, Yabos, asian assassins, Beer Belly, DWI, gordon hater, Hendrick Express, Kntcky 0-82-16
Kansas Schedule
(17 of 50 matchups already decided before the green flag due to defections)
Barrie Lang v. Rev-A-Lusions
CHK v. Dirt Runners
BLOWINSMOKE def Beer Belly
Sarges Squad v. FC Newman
Rubbins Racin v. RAZN
3WIDE v. No right turns
Black Bear v. Longs Gap
Vans Bums def Junior
yduck v. reckhard
Cooter v. hardbody
RacingAngel def asian assassins
AERO PUSH def Canyon County
need4speed v. TURBO
AFTER BURNER v. testcar
Smokin Aces v. RoadRage
Crash & Burn v. RugRatRacers
Chevys Redneck v. gonzo
Gordon #1 def Kntcky
Team Lester def DWI
photo finish v. FORDFUCUS
KitchenPass v. speedracer
nstag8rs v. Team Wyoming
Rolling Thunder def Hendrick Express
Team Parski def gordon hater
KLA Sadler def Yabos
CHK v. Rev-A-Lusions
Sarges Squad v. BLOWINSMOKE
FC Newman v. Dirt Runners
RAZN def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. No right turns
Rubbins Racin v. Longs Gap
3WIDE def Junior
Black Bear v. reckhard
Vans Bums v. hardbody
yduck def asian assassins
Cooter def Canyon County
RacingAngel v. TURBO
AERO PUSH v. testcar
need4speed v. RoadRage
AFTER BURNER v. RugRatRacers
Smokin Aces v. gonzo
Crash & Burn v. Gordon #1
Chevys Redneck v. Team Lester
FORDFUCUS def Kntcky
speedracer def DWI
photo finish v. Team Wyoming
KitchenPass v. Rolling Thunder
nstag8rs def gordon hater
Hendrick Express tied Yabos
Team Parski v. KLA Sadler

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Hamshire update - thanks, Kyle

Gory details are here.

Early congrats to Barrie Lang by taking over the top spot.

Van's Bums held its lead but the cushion from the pre-Chase win bonus is almost gone. The same can be said for BLOWINSMOKE. Dirt Runners jumped to the front in the non-Chase race with the top score from New Hampshire.

With three races to go in the semifinals, TURBO and Rev-A-Lusions hold nice leads.

Two teams - Yabos and RacingAngel - were eliminated with the completion of Round Eight which covered just three races. Yabos lost to testcar by 18 points, and Racing lost to Longs Gap by 27. testcar and Longs Gap meet in Round Nine (races 28-30); Van's Bums meets the winner in the Championship.

This is the final week of the quarterfinals in the Chase bracket. Cooter and Barrie Lang hold 100-plus-point leads; RacingAngel and Team Lester lead the other matchups. The semifinals run cover races 29-32.

Beer Belly left us, and I've booted gordon hater, asian assassins, Kntcky, Hendrick Express, Canyon County, Junior and DWI. Those changes won't affect most of our side games; however, the standings for the Head to Head could and should change significantly. Through last week, the eight teams combined for more than 170 wins. Any past matchups with those teams will result in victories -- if you won the matchup, it won't change; if you lost or tied the matchup, it will now be a victory; if you're scheduled to play that team in the final weeks, it will be a victory. I'll post the update here later this week.
UPDATE: In addition to past results against the booted teams, future matchups were already counted as wins for the rest of us. As a result, some teams have "played" as many as 77 games, others as few as 73. The new, updated standings are as follows (along with this week's schedule):
1. Team Lester 58-17-0
TURBO 52-18-3
Yabos 53-22-0
Rubbins Racin 49-20-3
Rolling Thunder, No right turns 50-25-0
speedracer 49-23-2
KLA Sadler 49-24-1
Rev-A-Lusions 48-25-3
10. Cooter 48-26-3
yduck 48-23-2
reckhard 48-25-0
3WIDE 47-29-0
Team Parski 47-28-0
Sarges Squad, Barrie Lang 46-26-1
Black Bear 46-27-0
20. need4speed 46-28-0
Vans Bums 46-30-0
testcar 45-29-2
FC Newman 45-29-1
CHK 45-31-0
nstag8rs 44-28-3
AERO PUSH 43-34-0
Crash & Burn 42-33-0
Dirt Runners 42-34-0
30. KitchenPass 41-31-1
RacingAngel 41-31-2
Gordon #1 41-34-1
RAZN 41-32-0
RoadRage 41-33-0
Chevys Redneck 39-29-5
Smokin Aces 40-33-1
Team Wyoming 39-34-2
RugRatRacers 39-36-1
photo finish 39-36-0
40. hardbody 38-35-2
gonzo 38-36-0
Longs Gap 33-38-2
Junior, Canyon County, asian assassins, Beer Belly, DWI, Hendrick Express, gordon hater, Kntcky 0-84-14
Dover schedule
Vans Bums v. Rev-A-Lusions
Barrie Lang v. CHK
Rubbins Racin v. Sarges Squad
3WIDE v. Dirt Runners
FC Newman def Beer Belly
yduck v. RAZN
Cooter v. No right turns
RacingAngel v. Longs Gap
AERO PUSH def Junior
need4speed v. reckhard
AFTER BURNER v. hardbody
Smokin Aces def asian assassins
Crash & Burn def Canyon County
Chevys Redneck v. TURBO
testcar def Kntcky
RoadRade def DWI
photo finish v. RugRatRacers
KitchenPass v. gonzo racing
nstag8rs v. Gordon #1
Team Lester def Hendrick Express
Team Parski v. FORDFUCUS
KLA Sadler v. speedracer
Yabos v. Team Wyoming
Rolling Thunder def gordon hater
3WIDE v. Rev-A-Lusions
Sarges Squad def Beer Belly
Barrie Lang v. Dirt Runners
Rubbins Racin v. BLOWINSMOKE
FC Newman v. CHK
Black Bear v. RAZN
Vans Bums v. No right turns
yduck v. Longs Gap
Cooter def Junior
RacingAngel v. reckhard
AERO PUSH v. hardbody
need4speed def asian assassins
AFTER BURNER def Canyon County
Smokin Aces v. TURBO
Crash & Burn v. testcar
Chevys Redneck v. RoadRage
RugRatRacers def Kntcky
gonzo def DWI
photo finish v. Gordon #1
KitchenPass v. Team Lester
nstag8rs v. FORDFUCUS
speedracer def Hendrick Express
Team Parski v. Team Wyoming
KLA Sadler v. Rolling Thunder
Yabos def gordon hater

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Risers & Sliders

The Yahoo! standings, for the most part, don't look much different than they did in June or July. 32 teams are in the no-change bubble - a group of risers or sliders have stayed within five positions of where they were on the Fourth of July. But we do have a couple of teams who found the groove and picked up, in some cases, more than one spot per race since the summer holiday at Daytona.

With 10 races to go, here's a look at how's rising and how's sliding since the end of the first half of the season (Daytona, July 5):
19: Team Wyoming
16: need4speed
13: Barrie Lang
7: RugRatRacers, No right turns
6: FC Newman, yduck
5: Rolling Thunder, RacingAngel
4: FORDFUCUS, Gordon #1, RAZN, Smokin Aces
3: speedracer, RoadRage, TURBO, hardbody, 3WIDE, Cooter, Chevy's Redneck
2: KLA Sadler, Beer Belly, Van's Bums
1: Dirt Runners

No change: Hendrick Express, Canyon County, Junior, DWI

2: Team Lester, asian assassins, Sarge's Squad, Rubbin's Racin
4: Team Parski, reckhard
5: photo finish, nstag8rs
6: Yabos, Rev-A-Lusions
8: testcar
9: Longs Gap, KitchenPass
10: gordon hater, CHK Motorsports
11: Crash & Burn
14: Black Bear
23: Kntcky

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Richmond - Chase field grows to 15

Gory details are here.

Van's Bums had just its third sub-200-point week, and as a result, 15 teams will make the Chase instead of just 12. No right turns, yduck and AFTER BURNER joined last week's top 12. The cutoff ended up at 6,857 - sorry AERO PUSH; you missed the playoffs by just seven points.
Reminder on the Chase standings: 50 points for each 'win' during the season (top score of the week) and the places were also staggered in 5-point increments from places 1-15 and again for 16-50.
As a result, BLOWINSMOKE starts the Chase in second place despite qualifying as the No. 13 team. It pays to win.

KLA Sadler, No right turns, Barrie Lang, Cooter, need4speed, AFTER BURNER, and Chevy's Redneck have posted back-to-back 300-plus-point races.
The consecutive sub-200 club features our now regular no-shows.

Halfway through the semifinals.
No one had a breakout week at Richmond and both matchups are close, considering there are three races left in the round.

With one race to go in the Eighth Round, Yabos and testcar are tied and RacingAngel holds a 34-point lead over Longs Gap. Both are loser-out matchups. As a result, New Hampshire is a little more interesting. The winners meet in the Ninth Round; Van's Bums is waiting for the last one standing in the championship.

Halfway through the quarterfinals in the Chase bracket. Cooter and Barrie Lang have opened up good leads with two races to go.

Team Lester increased its lead to 3 games with a 4-0 run at Richmond. Rubbins Racin, TURBO and Yabos took over second place after speedracer went 0-4 at Richmond and dropped to fifth. One of Lester's two matchups this week is with No. 8 KLA Sadler.
Standings (through 68 of 98 games)
1. Team Lester 49-19-0
2. Rubbins Racin, TURBO 44-21-3; Yabos 45-23-0
5. speedracer 43-23-2
6. reckhard, Rolling Thunder 43-25-0
8. KLA Sadler 42-25-1
9. No right turns 41-27-0
10. yduck 40-26-2
11. Sarges Squad 40-27-1
12. Cooter 38-27-3
13. BLOWINSMOKE, Black Bear, Team Parski 38-30-0
16. Rev-A-Lusions 37-28-3
17. FC Newman, Barrie Lang 37-30-1
19. need4speed 37-31-0
20. nstag8rs 36-30-2
21. Vans Bums 36-32-0
22. testcar 35-32-1
23. AFTER BURNER 34-32-2
24. FORDFUCUS 33-31-4
25. 3WIDE 34-34-0
26. KitchenPass 33-34-1
27. RAZN, CHK, RoadRage 33-35-0
30. RacingAngel 32-34-2
31. gonzo 32-36-0
32. Chevys Redneck 30-33-5
33. Crash & Burn 31-35-2
34. Gordon #1 31-36-1
35. Team Wyoming 30-36-2
36. Smokin Aces 30-37-1
37. photo finish, AERO PUSH 30-38-0
39. asian assassins, Dirt Runners 29-39-0
41. Longs Gap 28-38-2
42. Beer Belly 28-40-0
43. gordon hater 27-38-3
44. hardbody 27-39-2
45. RugRatRacers 26-41-1
46. Kntcky 23-43-2
47. Hendrick Express 21-47-0
48. Canyon County 19-49-0
49. Junior 15-52-1
50. DWI 11-57-0
New Hampshire schedule (50-matchup race)
AERO PUSH v. Rev-A-Lusions
3WIDE v. Barrie Lang
Black Bear v. Beer Belly
Vans Bums v. CHK
yduck v. Sarges Squad
Cooter v. Dirt Runners
RacingAngel v. BLOWINSMOKE
Rubbins Racin v. FC Newman
need4speed v. RAZN
AFTER BURNER v. No right turns
Smokin Aces v. Longs Gap
Crash & Burn v. Junior
Chevys Redneck v. reckhard
Kntcky v. hardbody
DWI v. asian assassins
photo finish v. Canyon County
KitchenPass v. TURBO
nstag8rs v. testcar
Hendrick Express v. RoadRage
Team Parski v. RugRatRacers
KLA Sadler v. gonzo
Yabos v. Gordon #1
gordon hater v. Team Lester
Rolling Thunder v. FORDFUCUS
Team Wyoming v. speedracer
Cooter v. Rev-A-Lusions
Rubbins Racin v. Beer Belly
Black Bear v. Sarges Squad
Vans Bums v. Dirt Runners
FC Newman v. Barrie Lang
RacingAngel v. RAZN
AERO PUSH v. No right turns
need4speed v. Longs Gap
Smokin Aces v. reckhard
Crash & Burn v. hardbody
Chevys Redneck v. asian assassins
Kntcky v. Canyon County
photo finish v. testcar
KitchenPass v. RoadRage
nstag8rs v. RugRatRacers
Hendrick Express v. gonzo
Team Parski v. Gordon #1
KLA Sadler v. Team Lester
gordon hater v. speedracer
Rolling Thunder v. Team Wyoming

Monday, September 1, 2008

Through Fontana

Gory details are here.

A slow week for our side competitions doesn't leave much for commentary.

The current Chase cutoff for those outside of the top 12 is 6661; five teams outside the top 12 are within 100 points of the cutoff. We'll finalize the field after Richmond on Saturday night (or later, depending on what Hanna does over the next few days). UPDATE: Race was moved to Sunday afternoon; I'll try like heck to update the Chase standings Sunday night.

27 teams scored 300 or more points at Fontana and RMFN posted its best average (266) score since Dover (282) on June 1. Team Parski, one of our frontrunners for most of the season, wasn't part of the 300 club and now stands on the Chase bubble.

Head to Head
1. Team Lester 45-19-0
2. speedracer 43-19-2
3. Rubbins Racin, TURBO 42-19-3
5. reckhard, Yabos 41-23-0
7. Rolling Thunder 39-25-0
8. Sarges Squad, KLA Sadler 38-25-1
10. BLOWINSMOKE, Black Bear, No right turns 37-27-0
13. yduck 36-26-2
14. Vans Bums 36-28-0
15. Cooter 35-27-2
16. FC Newman 35-28-1
17. Rev-A-Lusions 34-27-3
18. testcar 34-29-1
19. Barrie Lang, Team Parski 34-30-0
21. nstag8rs 33-29-2
22. need4speed, CHK 33-31-0
24. AFTERBURNER 32-30-2
25. RoadRage 32-32-0
26. RacingAngel 31-31-2
27. FORDFUCUS 30-30-4
28. RAZN, 3WIDE, gonzo 31-33-0
31. Crash & Burn 30-32-2
32. KitchenPass 30-33-1
33. Gordon #1 29-34-1
34. AERO PUSH, photo finish 29-35-0
36. Beer Belly, asian assassins 28-36-0
38. Chevys Redneck 26-33-5
39. Team Wyoming 27-35-2
40. Smokin Aces 27-36-1
41. gordon hater 26-35-3
42. Longs Gap, hardbody 26-36-2
44. RugRatRacers 25-38-1
45. Dirt Runners 25-39-0
46. Kntcky 23-40-1
47. Hendrick Express 21-43-0
48. Canyon County 19-45-0
49. Junior 15-49-0
50. DWI 11-53-0
Richmond schedule
Reminder - Richmond is a 100-matchup weekend (four per team).
KLA Sadler v. asian assassins
Yabos v. Canyon County
gordon hater v. TURBO
Rolling Thunder v. testcar
Team Wyoming v. RoadRage
speedracer v. RugRatRacers
FORDFUCUS v. gonzo
Team Lester v. Gordon #1
Crash & Burn v. Rev-A-Lusions
Vans Bums v. 3WIDE
yduck v. Rubbins Racin
Cooter v. Barrie Lang
RacingAngel v. Beer Belly
need4speed v. Sarges Squad
AFTER BURNER v. Dirt Runners
Smokin Aces v. BLOWINSMOKE
Black Bear v. FC Newman
Chevys Redneck v. RAZN
Kntcky v. No right turns
DWI v. Longs Gap
photo finish v. Junior
KitchenPass v. reckhard
nstag8rs v. hardbody
Hendrick Express v. asian assassins
Team Parski v. Canyon County
KLA Sadler v. TURBO
Yabos v. testcar
gordon hater v. RoadRage
Rolling Thunder v. RugRatRacers
Team Wyoming v. gonzo racing
speedracer v. Gordon #1
FORDFUCUS v. Team Lester
AFTER BURNER v. Rev-A-Lusions
Black Bear v. Rubbins Racin
Vans Bums v. Barrie Lang
yduck v. Beer Belly
Cooter v. CHK
RacingAngel v. Sarges Squad
AERO PUSH v. Dirt Runners
need4speed v. BLOWINSMOKE
FC Newman v. 3WIDE
Smokin Aces v. RAZN
Crash & Burn v. No right turns
Chevys Redneck v. Longs Gap
Kntcky v. Junior
DWI v. reckhard
photo finish v. hardbody
KitchenPass v. asian assassins
nstag8rs v. Canyon County
Hendrick Express v. TURBO
Team Parski v. testcar
KLA Sadler v. RoadRage
Yabos v. RugRatRacers
gordon hater v. gonzo
Rolling Thunder v. Gordon #1
Team Wyoming v. Team Lester
speedracer v. FORDFUCUS
photo finish v. Rev-A-Lusions
Cooter v. Vans Bums
RacingAngel v. Black Bear
need4speed v. RubbinsRacin
AFTER BURNER v. Barrie Lang
Smokin Aces v. Beer Belly
Crash & Burn v. CHK
Chevys Redneck v. Sarges Squad
Kntcky v. Dirt Runners
yduck v. FC Newman
KitchenPass v. RAZN
nstag8rs v. No right turns
Hendrick Express v. Longs Gap
Team Parski v. Junior
KLA Sadler v. reckhard
Yabos v. hardbody
gordon hater v. asian assassins
Rolling Thunder v. Canyon County
Team Wyoming v. TURBO
speedracer v. testcar
Team Lester v. RugRatRacers
Gordon #1 v. gonzo
Kntcky v. Rev-A-Lusions
yduck v. Black Bear
Cooter v. 3WIDE
RacingAngel v. Rubbins Racin
AERO PUSH v. Barrie Lang
need4speed v. Beer Belly
Smokin Aces v. Sarges Squad
Crash & Burn v. Dirt Runners
Chevys Redneck v. BLOWINSMOKE
FC Newman v. Vans Bums
photo finish v. No right turns
KitchenPass v. Longs Gap
nstag8rs v. Junior
Hendrick Express v. reckhard
Team Parski v. hardbody